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Hi Everyone! This isn't a review so far really. I...

Hi Everyone!
This isn't a review so far really. I am very seriously considering getting the brazilian butt lift procedure and want to share my story as i go along and get feedback as well as support as i go through this. I have always been self-conscious about my butt because it is flat and my sides go out where they should go in, and in where they should go out. All the girls with big round butts seem to get a lot of attention and they look so much better than me in dresses and bikinis. I'm tired of being jealous and I'm ready to do what I can do gain some self-confidence. I want to look good in everything too! Logically, it seems like once you get the fat transferred to you're butt, then when you gain weight, you just get a bigger butt instead of thunder thighs or love handles which seems great :) Anyways, months ago, I saw Dr. Younai for a consultation and he quoted me at $17,500 which seemed like a huge price tag. I decided to try to work out and get a nice ass the "right" way. A few months in, I went from weighing about 130 pounds to 115 or so pounds. I looked fantastic....except my ass. It was rounded but still flat and I still had the same shape as before. I have stopped working out because it is too much to work out 3 hours a day for 6 days a week with school. Also, it was frustrating not seeing what I wanted and working so hard to get it. I see now that exercise can only do so much and I think I'm ready to decide on a good doctor once and for all. I'd really like to get the procedure done before school starts up again, which is mid January. I called and made another appointment with Dr. Younai to see what he can do with the fat I have now. I really like the small frame and big, round butt look. I don't think he will charge any less than what he quoted me at before, because I have looked around this site and that seems to be the standard cost for everyone for this procedure from him. I like how he is able to get small girls to have large butts when they look like they don't have much to work with. I also like how he is not too booked and it's possible for me to go back to school with my dream body...but 17.5k is A LOT of money. I've stalked this website for months and other girls don't seem to be paying this much so I just don't understand the cost. Has anyone had he worth it? I've also heard of Ghavami and might do a consultation with him as well but I think he is more booked. How long did any of you other ladies have to wait for him? Pics will be up of my dream booty. Maybe I'll do before and afters but I'm thinking I might just email those to those who really want them.

And the doctor is....

Hi Everyone!
I am beyond excited and nervous! I listened to you guys and decided to meet with Dr. Hughes. Lucky me, he had a cancellation for next week so my surgery date is set for the 18th of December. I am getting fat taken from my thighs, back, sides, and stomach for a total estimated 1300cc per butt cheek. I'm going to eat a bit more this week to see if maybe that will make a difference because I have a very flat butt and want some good volume and shape. I really hope 1300cc is enough! Considering that I wear a 32b bra and size 2 pants, 1300 is probably a very good number for how much he is taking out. I don't have exact measurements, but as I said before, I wanted to get a nice ass the right way so I worked out and got pretty thin. I am 5'4 1/2 and weigh around 118 (I haven't checked for a while). I liked how the doctor was very honest with me about the expected results. Because I have a very flat butt, I may not get the round shape I desire but at least I will have more volume than right now. I may not have the perfect ass in the end but it will certainly be a huge improvement :) The practice also gave me a realistic price of $9,500 (much better than $17,500). When I met Dr. Hughes, I felt comfortable. He is a nice, honest, and funny gentleman. A lot ladies on this website seem to love him so I feel like I am in good hands. Even the ladies at the bank love the guy and they say I won't regret it because his work is incredible. In a couple days I will start taking "Arnika Forte" so my bruising will heal quickly. I have wanted this surgery done for so long that I cannot believe that it is finally a reality.

Oh and if anyone has had the bbl done with Dr. Hughes who is around my size I would really like to see before and afters ^-^

tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is the big day and I gotta say that the nervousness is definitely settling in now. All week I have been really busy until now so I have not given it much thought but now it is so close and feels real. I'm hoping I won't be too miserable after. I have heard of women getting this procedure done and not seeing a result after which really scares me but I have to have faith in my doctor's credentials and experience. I have tried to avoid looking up bad reviews but as the day gets closer I keep looking for something wrong with Dr. Hughes just in case... and it seems like everyone likes him. The closest thing to a bad review for Hughes is a lot of bad reviews for Dr. Boris. I avoided mentioning Boris before because I thought this review should only have to do with my doctor only but now I will share my experience with Boris... The guy seemed arrogant and he focused on how ridiculous Dr. Younai was instead of building up his own practice which I thought was unprofessional. I think he could have kept the conversation at "$17,500 is ridiculous to pay for the procedure and if he were really that good I would have heard of him". Instead, he did this AND went on the computer and had me look at some website that says he is a hand surgeon and laughed at the guy. He did not allow me time to ask questions either. Had my surgery been scheduled with Boris, I would have kept looking. Adam is nice enough, but you can tell that his job is getting the money. He wanted me to pay before even meeting Dr. Hughes, which I felt was pushy and stupid to be quite honest. It was upon meeting Dr. Hughes, himself, that I decided that I would not void out the check I had just given Adam. Like I said before, Hughes is a good guy. He is confident, not cocky. There is a fine line between the two. He seemed respectful and polite with just the right amount of humor. I think I detected a bit of a southern accent too... not sure where he is officially from but I grew up around people from the south so it was cool hearing that. I will feel awfully silly though if it turns out hes not really haha :P

Over the past week, I have been trying to gain a pound or two. I did a small experiment earlier this week to really visualize how much 1300ccs was and I loved the result but some of the fat dies so I want some extra for tomorrow. I went to the store and bought a 1.25L bottle of soda, filled it with rice, and dumped the rice into a plastic bag. It looked like more than I thought it would be and if I could possibly keep that much fat I think I would be extremely happy lol :) Sadly though, I have not been able to gain any weight. I fluctuate between 113-118 depending on the time of day, but no overall weight gain :(

oh and i am finally adding pictures. I think this is an embarrassing part for a lot of us but its also an important part for all the bbl sisters to see so thank you to everyone who have had the courage to post pics :) wish me luck tomorrow!

A few days later

My first night I couldn't stop throwing up. I went back in the morning and got a shot for the nausea and some fluids. The anesthesiologist was very nice. He was comforting before the surgery and great the day after too. My right hip has been hurting more than anything and my lower back is pretty sore. Other than that, I have been doing very well with the recovery. I feel like everyone else looks a lot bigger after the surgery but I have to keep in mind that I started from nothing.. One part of my butt even went inward. I think I look flat still from the side but I know my 45 degree angle profile looks a lot better. I'm trying to stay positive but realistic at this point. I'm not sure how I will look after all the swelling goes down. I can only hope I get tiny and my butt stays the same size (if not bigger). I think I got a total of 1,000 ccs in each cheek which I know is amazing for my size. Dr. Hughes did a great job with what he was working with. I'm just sad that my butt couldn't be bigger with my weight. Perhaps I can try to gain weight later to make it bigger but I don't want the rest of me to get big at the same time. My butt is pretty itchy lol anyways for anyone with an upcoming surgery I definitely recommend a female urinal unless u want to get pee everywhere. I swear the hotel room toilets were made for toddlers -_- I got one at a medical supply store along with a heating pad which has helped a lot with my hip and lower back pain :) It's weird sitting at home all day doing nothing because I'm so used to being busy all the time. Any good shows on Netflix you ladies know of? :P

Swelling is going down :)

I dont have a huge ass, sadly. But, compared to what I used to have, I have come a long way. The swelling is going down which is making my butt pop out more. I really hope my butt doesn't shrink at all; it looks proportioned to my body. I am now just wearing the garment because whatever it was underneath is now too big and not doing anything for me. I love looking at it in the mirror.. It really is amazing to see the difference between now and a few weeks ago. What I could never do in the gym, Dr. Hughes did in just a few hours. I really didn't want people to know about my the brazillian butt lift but they just know because its hard too hard to hide. I was at my boyfriend's work for a few minutes and this asian guy he works with said "oh looking good. U got some off you're stomach to look sexier" and then at Christmas dinner, my friends knew as soon as they saw me. I thought everybody knowing would bother me but it doesn't because they honestly don't care. Their attitude is pretty much "you go girl!" :) I'm a little more nervous for work coming up but ill get to that bridge when it comes. So far, I have been wearing the same two pairs of sweats because nothing else will make it past my ass. Within the next few days I will try on my stretchy jeans and see if I can fit them past this new donk ;) I also really want to see how I look in tight dresses. I am really thankful that my boyfriend has been looking after me. On the 23rd, I passed out in the shower which really scared me but he was there to catch me and help me. If he weren't there I could've really hurt myself. Also, I have limited flexibility right now so it is hard for me to get my pants on by myself. It is frustrating sometimes to not be completely independent or to not be able to sit or lay on my back. My neck has been hurting because I'm always on my stomach. I have been resorting to laying on my sides about half the time but I'm not 100% sure that it is ok to do so but my neck hurts too much to not switch up my position sometimes. When it is all over it will be worth it though because I look and feel so much sexier than before. I am looking forward to getting into the gym in another month. I always liked going to the gym and it will feel good to get back on track with my fitness.


Hello to all my bbl sisters,
It has been forever since I've updated. I do wonder how many of us from around the time I had my procedure still go on here. I just thought I owed it to you all to update. I was disappointed initially at my results but that disappointment really came from unrealistic expectations and low self-esteem. I don't know how many women are completely secure and happy in the way they look but I'm not one of the lucky ones. I think its something that will come with time. I once had a boyfriend who did nothing but put me down all the time, calling me fat when I weighed a hundred and thirty pounds and insulted how small my boobs were when I came down to a hundred and fourteen pounds. He also insulted my flat booty and threw that in my face when he cheated on me. I needed the bbl to help me feel good about myself again and it helped but it did not transform my self-image overnight. It has taken a long time to be secure again, and as I said, I'm still not a hundred percent there. I do not regret the procedure for a second. I think that it has helped me so much with my confidence and this feels like the body I was meant to be born in. Dr. Hughes is an amazing surgeon. He is without a doubt the best at what he does and on top of that, he is a good person. He is quick to respond whenever you have questions or concerns. I came in about a month ago for a last post-op check in and asked him a few questions about medical school. I don't know how many busy surgeons would take the time to talk to you like that during their break. When I spoke to nurse Olga, she told me I need to lose weight. I currently weight 144lbs. I have been trying since January to lose the extra weight I have put on but without success. Granted, from January-March I was not doing cardio as much as I should have and had a cheat about once a week. This month, however, I have not had a single cheat and have been faithful to my daily cardio. It is very difficult for me now to shed the extra pounds. This is the heaviest I have ever been and it does not feel good. I have lost weight before so I know exactly how to eat and exercise but this time seems to be different. Has anyone else had trouble losing weight post-op? Any solutions/reasons why it is so damn difficult? I posted a few pics so you guys can see the difference post-op with weight gain. I am not a fan of how unhealthy this weight is for me, the size of my thighs, and the overall look of fat on my body. I do like the size of my butt and boobs which are now a nice 32C but that will shrink back down to a 32B if I can manage to lose this weight and I'm sure I will lose some booty projection as well. Best of luck to all of you! If you are new to all of this and are considering a bbl or any surgery GO TO DR.HUGHES!! XOXO
Dr. Hughes

Best decision I've ever made! Wonderful person and highly skilled surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone

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