CoolScultping July 6 2012

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I had both my love handles done in Ellicott City,...

I had both my love handles done in Ellicott City, MD. They were having a special for the month of June. I thought it would be a great time to try it. I think there are posts of pictures from that center also of some previous clients.

I am 32, Asian and French, 5'4" 118lbs. I work out 5-6 days a week, two with a trainer. I wanted to improve and decrease the lovely fat pockets on my love handles and the back of my arms. I was only able to do the love handles (piece for arms was not available I guess). Right after the suction was taken off, was it the most unpleasent. I would say a 6 out of 10. I would say it was a weird sensation and not really a "pain". My love handles felt like two pieces of semi thawed frozen steaks on each side and HARD. When the nurse started to massage me in the areas, It hurt ilke hell but I was laughing becuase it tickled at the same time.

Anyway, the "pain" subsided about 5 minutes after the message and my skin softened up alot. Today is my third day out. Ive been running, spinning etc like normal. I have two small bruises that are visible where the handpieces were. Each side is kind of sore to touch and if you bump into something you can def feel it bruised. I can feel a dull numbness when I run my fingers over the areas. I am starting to have some itchiness but nothing serious at all. I will say that I am a bit swollen. The nurse amped up the suction for my areas as I am smaller person and needed more pull to get in between the cold plates. I wont dare to complain about being swollen.

I am going to the beach on the 20th which will be my two week mark. Ill try and post some pictures then.

PS. I dont have any doubts that this wont work, but you need to be patient. I also undersatnd that if you decide to treat your stomach, the sensations, pain and swelling will be much more, especially around your belly button. Luckily i will not be treating my stomache, but Ill be the first person in line for some arm fat freezing. BBDonk

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