I want my booty back……..

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I am planning on scheduling with Dr Markmann in...

I am planning on scheduling with Dr Markmann in the next few months for a hopeful surgery date in June/July 2014. I still have about 15-20 more pounds to lose. Email me if your are really going to schedule with him for any surgery. I also may have to get a tummy tuck but I just not sure about having a scar.

I finally selected a Doctor……………..

Ok I have finally decided to get a shapelier booty. Last year I started looking into getting a BBL. Spoke to a few girls at work and they said I didn't need anything that I had a nice size booty for my height but with a little lipo may help my waist. I've gained alot of weight, and I don't like how my booty is shaped. I went to visit my daughter the end of 2013 and she looked perplexed and said "mom, ewe……, what's going on with your butt, you're getting and old person booty". Well, then I knew I had to do something about it and Brazillian Butt Lift was in my future, very near future. I've had three consultations ( Maryland, ATL and NY) and as of this morning I have decided to go with Dr. Schulman. Last month my hubby thought I was crazy because I started shopping for items I will need for my recovery after SX and I hadn't even selected what Dr. I was going to use or even had a surgery date. I told hubby today what my SX date is and now its time to go shopping again. June 26th SX or sooner if someone cancels.

Maybe changing date

I don't know why I want to change my surgery date. I just do. I'm not at my ideal weight, that I want to be at before surgery. Doc, didn't say I had to lose any weight, but I want too. I'm so confused right now. Chances are looking real slim for me to lose 14 more pounds in a month. It took forever for me to lose 6 lbs in 6 weeks. This is crazy. I guess I will try a full body exfoliant, some wraps, and anything eles I can think of besides starving myself or diet pills.
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