25 Years Old /no Kids, Self Conscious About Asymmetrical Breasts - El Paso, TX

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So like many of you, I'm looking to correct an...

So like many of you, I'm looking to correct an abnormality in my breasts and nipples. I love my curves but I don't feel balanced from the top. I just want to have a more rounded appearance in my boobs instead of them being so pointy. I'm tried of not filling in a bra or not being able to wear v-neck tops properly. Right now I feel a bit restricted in my life because of my breast situation as silly as it sounds. I want to feel completely comfortable in my own body and a BA would give me that.

Made a consultation appointment!

So I'm taking in the current state of the girls and want to leave some pictures for before and after references.

Consulted and on the fence

I wasn't too at easy with the results and info from my consultation. I was told all I needed was an implant to round out the contour. This left me uneasy. I think I'd end up with round bigger boobies but my nipples might still have that puffiness I'm not found of. I'm going to get a second opinion. Wish me luck!
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