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I'm having my mommy makeover surgery in a few days...

I'm having my mommy makeover surgery in a few days and I am NERVOUS! I was eating well and working out regularly but the anxiety isn't helping with my diet the last week! I'm so excited but concerned that the results may not meet my expectations. I'm not too concerned about the abreast Augmentation but worried about my tummy tuck recovery.

30 yrs 400cc TT & Flanks Lipo

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted much but I had my surgery on July 21st! I was extremely nervous prior to my surgery but decided to just go with the flow and not think much about it. To be honest, I didn't find the pain too difficult to manage but overestimated the amount of pain management. On the first day, after the surgery I was amazed with how great I felt. Of course I was physically limited due to walking hunched over and my breasts feeling extremely tight, but felt fine! The anesthesia was still running through my blood stream so that definitely helped! The next morning (day 2) that's when the pain hit me! But tolerable I must say. The drugs I was given made me quite drowsy so I was in and out all day. We went for my morning checkup with Dr. Chong and I must say he was fantastic! He was quite supportive the morning of the surgery and quick in and out the day after. I would say Dr. Chong is someone who says it how it is. No time to joke around. He's a busy doctor and you see that when you walk into his office. Day 3 was also tough but managed through the day. Today (day 4) went much better. I can say so far, I'm pleased with the results and I'm looking better and better day by day.
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Very professional and means business.

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