31yrs Old, 2 Kids 165lbs 5'9'

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So I had surgery on Tuesday, today is Friday...

So I had surgery on Tuesday, today is Friday evening and I'm a little frustrated.. I think I went into this thinking I was going to have a quick recovery and everything would be perfect.. Lol! I've barely slept due to a pinched nerve, my pain medicine that my doctor gave me didn't work, and the other medicine he suggested makes me nauseous, tired, and a little loopy :) lol! So I've decided to stop all pain meds. I feel better with a little pain, not nauseau.. My surgeon was great. No complaints there.. But I'm so active that I'm getting frustrated. I'm so tired that I'm getting frustrated. I know it's early, but all I want to do is sleep.. Lol! And I cant! My husband has been a rockstar taking care of the kids, but I want to feel normal! I want to start helping around my house! I can't even sweep the floor my chest is so tight. I want to play with my kids but I have t-Rex arms. Ladies: when could you get up feeling ok? When could you start making meals and sweeping the floor? I'm tired of not feeling like myself. And I'm impatient.. Can you tell?! Lol! I guess I'm just a little down needing encouragement.


I am 7 days PO- I've been massaging every day, 2-3 times a day trying to make these suckers drop.. Lol! I have 520cc unders.. Anyone having trouble massaging because of firmness? I feel like I can't do much to move the implants around as they are SO HARD! And I'm not sure how hard to massage.. Has anyone else had this? I'm terrified of caps contracture so I want to make sure it's still ok to be so firm at this point.. My ps told me my pec muscles were very tight, and he thinks It will take 8 weeks for me to drop..
Also when was everyone comfortable laying on their side? My ps said I can, but It hurts! I'm virtually pain free otherwise.. :) Thanks ladies!
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