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I have been waiting for this surgery for almost 3...

I have been waiting for this surgery for almost 3 years now and the time has finally come! I have always had back, neck, and self conscious issues because of my breasts. The doctor said that he is going to aim to go down to a DD I had initially wanted to go down to a D but because of tissue damage he doesn't want to go any smaller than the DD.

13 Days Post Op

I forgot to update this as I went along it went by very quickly! Surgery was good, although the first day was rough because I reacted to the anesthetic so puked lots on the first day, but after that it wasn't too bad. I am in love with how they turned out! Don't regret it for a second! Healing is taking awhile, one breast is healing perfectly, while the other is having issues. I do have lots of pain underneath my right breast and also I have developed nipple necrosis unfortunately. Some of the nipple is still pink so surgeon said that is a good sign and shows healing, but it will take some time.

Days 1-4 were the worst after that i was able to mostly do everything as I was able to do before. I went and bought a front close sports bra on Tuesday (day 6) which I now know I should have done sooner as the bra I was put in after surgery was not good for blood circulation and it sat on my incisions which made them hurt. On Friday (day 9) is when I noticed my nipple necrosis, and by Sunday (day 11) I decided to do a lot of research on it and it lead me to going to the emergency to make sure everything was okay. Surgeon told me that all I can do to help is change the bandages often and stay away from smokers (i've never smoked). I took off the steri-stips that night which was a bit scary as nothing looks pretty but that will heal!

I am back to work today and other than some pain and feeling tired everything is back to normal. I can't feel anything underneath by breasts or in the nipples yet but I have been having lots of nerve shocks so that is a good sign. I will update more later!
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