25 Saggy Boobs

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I have always dad big boobs so gravity had them....

I have always dad big boobs so gravity had them. It would be nice to have a size and feel my age. I am a 34 DDD or DD depending on where I buy it the bra from.

My surgery is with dr Louis. I called a bunch of places and he had the most reasonable price.
I'm very excited and will post photos ASAP..

Day 2

Everything went very well. I wanted a small reduction and a lift. Dr Louis only reduced my left side because it was slightly bigger. I don't know what they look like I'm scared to look. I'm still the same size with just a lift.

Yesterday I went to remove my draining tube out of my left breast and I had a peak. I'm so nervous to actually look.

Pain waise very bearable for me I did not take pain killers what so ever other than antibiotics.

I'm happy with the stitching work

I'm just patiently waiting for time !
Time for to heal and see the real results.

Full frontal


I have a post op appointment tomorrow I don't know if I can wait this leakage is worrying me a big like something is not right. It's for sure going to be a scar rolls eyes.

Surgical bra

Today I took pictures and in really not happy with how it looks why is there so much separation and it looks like it will take a while to heal :( and they might not even look good after it all heals.

Good this is I have my pre op today whatever that means .. I will tell DR LOUIS my concerns and go on from there.

I went to stitches and found some sort of support without any wires and a zipper in the front.
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