27 Y/o, No Kids, Been Wanting This Since I Was 12

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As long as I can remember I have always wanted...

As long as I can remember I have always wanted larger breasts, when I was graduating from Jr high I remember talking to my sister about how I knew I wasn't going to be gifted with ample breasts but how badly I wanted them and what’s more, how I felt like I was meant to have them. I've rocked the itty bitty titties to date and they have had their time and place but i'm ready to move onto the next stage of breastfulness!

Can stop researching, getting super anxious!!

Getting super restless and wanting to move forward but trying to remember it will be worth the wait!

Dr Guiffre consultation late September

About 5 years back I had a consultation an out down a deposit for a doctor in Calgary, of course life got in the way and it ended up going nowhere. Until recently when I booked several consultations with doctors Guiffre, Feng Chong an Jonathan Toy in Edmonton. My first consult was last week with Dr. Guiffre, he seemed like a nice enough guy but only had 2 silicone sizes available to view and they were not to be tried on, don't get me wrong I've done my research when it comes to location, size, shape etc but really would like a professional opinion as well as I've obviously never done this before. Unfortunately there was no opinion or advice that was shared. By all means I don't need my surgeon to be my best friend or even a nice person really but I do expect a professional opinion and certainly more information than holding a 350cc and 450cc implant. Needless to say I am looking forward to my next consultation which will be with Jonathan Toy next month, in the meantime I will rely greatly on the community here and the reviews and experiences everyone generously continue to share. hopefully there will be more to report on my journey shortly!

More Wish pics

still obsessing but learning to be patient..kinda of...
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Dr Guiffre, Feng Chong an Jonathan Toy in Edmonton.

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