23 Years Old, 5'4, 130 Lbs and Wanting Some Boobs! - Edmonton, AB

So I chose Dr. Feng Chong from Edmonton, Alberta...

So I chose Dr. Feng Chong from Edmonton, Alberta to do my breast augmentation!! My initial consult was short, he reviewed the process of the surgery itself and took a quick look at my breasts.

My stats are
130 lbs
34A (barely)

I had my sizing appointment today and decided on 325cc's which seemed so big since I was considering 250cc's at first! But after trying them on Dr. Chong had said I need to quit focusing on cc's and just go with what looks good. I liked the look of the 300cc's and he told me to go at least a size bigger since I am going under the muscle and some of the size will disappear. Plus lots of women regret not going larger.

December 22nd cannot come soon enough! It seems so funny to women with boobs but I want to be able to wear sports bras and go braless and feel comfortable. I'll add a couple pictures from my sizing appointment but I'm too nervous to add pictures of my natural boobs right now!
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