Botox Drining Under Eyes - Edmonton, AB

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I,m 47 and went to my dermatologist for a chemical...

I,m 47 and went to my dermatologist for a chemical peel..while there I was convinced that botox in my forehead, crowsfeet and chin would improve my appearance, well it didn't, the chin botox moved around when ever there was the slightest pressure and now the forehead botox is running into my eyes making my appearance to be almost fetal alcohol syndrome..i know that's not a nice way of describing it but that's what I look like, there,s hollows in the inner corners of my eyes, puffiness everywhere and the bridge of my nose is wide, I,ve tried to massage it back into place..aaarrggg...I hate this, I hope it all just goes away soon, I don't look like myself at all
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