38 Years Old, 5 Children, 1 Set of Twins, 200 Lb Weight Loss After Sleeve - Edmonton, AB

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I have lost 200 lbs and have maintained this for 6...

I have lost 200 lbs and have maintained this for 6 years. I hate that I work out and lift weights and cannot see the results through all this saggy skin. I feel like I am hiding beneath and over large sweat suit. I cannot wait to remove this skin and fix what sags to see the real me hiding underneath

A little over a month to go

I just filled out the paperwork my ps sent in the mail. I made my first payment. I need to make a Dr. Appointment for a physical and buy a few supplies. I have access to an electric recliner. It was my mother in laws. She passed away a year and a half ago. It is still in the upright position which she left it the day she went in to hospital. My father in law has no issues with me using it. My husband is not happy but if I think it's best we will move it. It's very heavy and very awkward. It would go up a short flight of stairs in a bi-level. Is it worth all that work????

a little over 2 weeks pre op

So Monday will be 2 weeks until surgery. I cannot tell you how nervous I am. I have images of not being able to walk. Of crying in pain and ripping open and my insides falling out. Of never being comfortable again. Of going through all this only to realize that in the end it didn't work and I still have a huge apron. I keep thinking why am I doing this? What's the point? I'm ugly anyway so what an I going to accomplish? I just wish I was 2 weeks post not 2 weeks pre so I would know all the answers.

So far dr. Toy is great. He has consulted with me and given me honesty every step 0f the way as to what he feels we can accomplish. He has a great reputation here in alberta as a plastic surgeon specializing in skin removal after massive weight loss

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