Ready for Cleavage! - Edmond, OK

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I have wanted big boobs forever! My behind is...

I have wanted big boobs forever! My behind is pretty large so I want my breast to be more proportionate. I also want them to help my confidence also, yes i will admit. When you have the same size boobs as a kid, you feel like a kid sometimes!

I had my consultation with Dr. Jones yesterday and I love him! He's so cool calm and collected it was reassuring because I was really nervous. As soon as I met him I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon! I had planned on going to another consultation next week but now I'm just planning in putting a deposit in with him!

I went in and I was immediately greeted by his nurses (whom are so nice!). I filled out paper work and right after they took me to a consult room. I talked to Dr. Jones about the look I wanted and the options, I tried on sizers, talked about risks and financial options and was on my way! It was great!

I am wanting between 450cc and 500cc. I am always told to go bigger!
I want silicone for sure
I don't necessarily want high profile, but that's the best fit for my chest I heard ( I will see if I can do mod plus :) )
I am doing the under crease incision.

My goal is to get scheduled in for early December!

So ready already.

Wish picture galore... I love the fullness!


I am so ready to do this! I still have 87 days or so. I am trying to work this around my work and school schedule. I work for my man so I can have off whenever I need but my school schedule is hectic. I have wanted this for so long I can't believe I am finally doing it. My guy is warming up to the idea, he thinks I am perfect as is. I couldn't ask for a better man. Still reeeeally stuck between 450cc and 500cc I feel like in pictures it's a big difference! I always hear to go bigger from others but my husband made a good point you can always wear a push up bra you can't take any out though. So I'm unsure. Hmm. Help me!
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