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Hi tummy tuckers! About me: I'm 5'8 and...

Hi tummy tuckers!

About me: I'm 5'8 and between 140-143 lbs, size 2-4. I was overweight as a child, and morbidly obese during my teenaged years. As a junior in high school, I weighed 290 lbs. During my junior year, I decided to get skinny! (I really liked a guy at the time, so that helped my motivation ;) Unfortunately, being heavy my whole life I didn't understand diet/exercise in healthy ways. I spent the rest of my high school years as a bulimic who only ate apples and did not eat any fat for an entire year. I exercised compulsively, and ended up needing knee surgery from improper exercise and a gallbladder removal (from my body not processing fat). I had dropped down to 180lbs by the beginning of my senior year...but since I lost the weight in an unhealthy way, I quickly gained back 70 lbs and began my freshman year of college at 250lbs.

To make a cyclical story short, I lost 80 lbs, then gained 60 lbs back. I have been a yo-yo. I have finally mastered healthy eating (lots of protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, healthy proportions, treats, balance of sugars, seeing food as fuel, etc.). I have also found an exercise program that works for me...instead of ONLY doing cardio, I focus on a lot of weight training/muscle building (I am by no means ripped lol, just toned). I love taking workout classes at my gym, as they push me to work out a full hour and it's easier having a trainer telling me what to do.

I love my new size 2 body, but a 150 lb weight loss has left me with no fat in my stomach but a LOT of loose skin. I'm always having to hide it under my clothes, and have never felt comfortable during *cough* intimate moments. It's time to get this body from NOT to HOT, and not have this skin as a reminder of who I used to be.

My surgeon is even considering not doing muscle tightening if it's not needed...I only took a week off of work, hope this will be enough time!

Surgery is on Tuesday, only 4 days away!!!! Will post a few before pics asap :)

Edina Plastic Surgeon

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