Huge Bruises After Restyline Injection - Edina , MN

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I had Restyline injected on June 28 - was told by...

I had Restyline injected on June 28 - was told by the Dr. That I might have some swollen areas under my eyes for a few days and maybe, MAYBE, minor bruises. WHat I have now going on I can't even describe. I look like I was beat up very bad, I have huge purple bruise under each eye. the area under my eyes is extremely swollen. The worst part is that I didn't plan to look like that and it's now hard be at work and meet with clients. I regret on doing that or should've researched better about side effects from the procedure. So if are going for this procedure I would recommend to take at least 7 to 10 days off from work.

Thank you so much for all of you who replied to my...

Thank you so much for all of you who replied to my post. Now that it's been a full week since my Restyline injection I've decided to post an update. My MD used BBL ( broadband light, if I'm not mistaken ) treatment to help minimize the bruises on July 3rd, after 5 days - and it helped a lot!! My bruises have lighten up within a couple of hours. I was finally able to cover them up completely. I was so relieved! Today I had another visit for BBL touch ups- literally 4 hours ago- and already I see that bruises, or I should say "left overs" after BBL, have turned from purple to very pale-purple with mix of yellow. Also, now I have two tiny bruises looking more like zits. It's unbelievable, comparing to what I just had 5 days ago. And the bumps are now have smoothen out and more soft and even, than a few days ago. So, I feel much-much better now, although my MD suggested that I wait another week before she could tell me if I need more filler touch-up or not. I should say that, my face is naturally very pale, almost porcelain like, and also thin, and generally I am prone to bruises with small effort. So that's another reason why my body or skin sort of overreacted like that. I should post another update next week. Thanks again for all your replies- it really helped me.
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