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I purchased $600.00 for $2000 worth of Lipo...

I purchased $600.00 for $2000 worth of Lipo suction. At that time it was called "SkinKlinic". Dr Ross quoted over $3000 for procedure and claimed the Groupon did not state the difference of $1400. I would not have purchased if I knew I would have to spend over $2000 more for the procedure because I could not afford it.
After reading reviews of very poor outcomes I reconsidered having Dr Ross performing this procedure on me. He also had bad reviews of Botox where people's brows fell and they had to wait the 4-6 mths to go away or go to someone else to correct it paying twice!
Skinklinic offered many different procedures but they would not transfer my or refund my$600.00. I would be extremely worried about having Dr Ross do any procedure, or purchasing your hard earned money before calling to find out details. They also said they could not offer any photos of lipo procedures he has because of privacy. All other doctors offered photos, of course without showing patients face. Clearly this a way of concealing his poor work.
Dr Scott Ross

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