Intralase IVISX Custom/wavefront - Not Worth It!

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I had the Intralase iVISX custom/waverfront for -6...

I had the Intralase iVISX custom/waverfront for -6.50 w/ some astigmatism. I used one the best surgeons in MN. I regret every day and wish I could go back to my contacts/glasses. My eyes are still dry after one year and sting all the time. I had an eye ulcler one year after surgery and realized any future problems with your eyes will be complicated by the LASIK flap and possible infection/dislocation. Even the people that say they are happy now won't be very happy in the future when they start having complications as their eyes age, it will take another 10-20 yrs to see what really happens to all these thinned out corneas.

My routine went from simply putting contacts in to now washing with a Sterilid rinse and using Restasis ($1000/yr w/o insurance) to repeating again at night and then adding a thick gel right before bed to help retain moisture. And then using over-the-counter drops all day. My medical costs from doc appt to eye drops/prescriptions now over $1000/yr. Oh how stupid I was. And of course, you sign off all your rights in the consent form so very little you can do if complications, don't expect to be able to sue. Do NOT sign any informed consent.

The doctors are not honest about the number of people with LASIK dry eye because they know there is nothing you can do about it if they lie. I was told it was rare but really about 20-30% have permanent dry after LASIK.

Contacts/glasses are way cheaper and better for your eyes. If your contacts bother you, go in and try a different style.

Oh, my eyes also look horrible. Went from normal looking to being hollowed out, I think it might have been caused by the suction ring but now sure? Just makes me want to cry.

Dr. Marshall Everson

He lied to me and told LASIK dry eyes don't last longer than a year. Getting the money from my LASIK surgery was more important than being honest with the risks. After the surgery he also blamed the dry eyes on being that way before the surgery which should have been discussed with me but was never even mentioned.

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