full lipo BBL in 12 Days

Hi everyone iv'e been lurking on this site off and...

Hi everyone iv'e been lurking on this site off and on for 3+ years

and i am finally in the position to get the surgery, that i have wanted for a while now.

i have always had a nice shape, but never enough ass.

I have 3 kids and i have gained a bit of weight and it's getting harder and harder to work it off, due to my metabolism slowing down and not being able to vigorously exercise.

i finished paying my entire balance yesterday, so everything is set in stone

12 days from now.

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here are my pictures i gained about 20lbs i HATE this excess weight

so here are my before pics, i am usually 125 i'm 5'6
i have been gaining weight since aug i'm now 150
i have never been this big, it's hard and depressing to walk around with all this excess weight. i can't wear certain dresses if i do i need a body shaper.

i truly can't wait to get all off this fat sucked out.
i gained weight to have enough fat. i doubt i would be approved for a round 2, i need everything done right the first time around,because i don't want to keep putting my health on the line.

anyways i need some support from you dolls, as i have supported and so many of ya'll and cheered you guys on and sent prayers your way=)
no one really knows i'm getting this done besides my mom and 2 girl friends, and i only told them i was getting lipo...
i never mentioned the bbl part because females can be "catty." my one friend has always had a nice big butt so she would really clown me lol, i have always had the boobs, she wants implants, and i have never clowned her about that lol. i will eventually tell them after the fact, i just don't want them to worry to much.

it's crazy how much kids and simply aging can change your body shape, if you would have told me in high school i would be considering this i would have called you crazy lol.
i'm so glad this procedure is around and has been perfected it has changed a lot of people's lives for the better, and i pray it does the same for me!

some supplies i got

so i got this nice lawn chair on sale via amazon
i like it because i can sleep on my stomach easier, and the face part is
cut out, cushion is a nice touch as well. it wasn't to bad to lay on face down,
if that gets to be to much, i will cut the bottom out and sleep on my back, since i'm usually a back & side sleeper.
i also like how it folds up nicely for easy storage or travel.

i got the boppy pillow on craigslist you will be surprised at how many
pillows are on there in great condition for cheap, it made no sense to spend $40+ on a new one just to sit on it, i paid $10 for mine it is full and in excellent condition she only use it for 2mths.

i also want to get a bbl pillow but the price is a bit high, being that you will only use it for a short amount of time. i have found some other alternative on amazon
i will look in to getting those if the boppy pillow becomes to soft.
if anyone is trying to sell their pillow please let me know.

i went for my fitting yesterday

so i went to my plastic surgeon's office yesterday they measured me and fitted me for my compression garment.

i can't believe how much weight i've gained!

i feel so miserable, because i have never been this big. my doc told me i did good by gaining the needed weight, and he assured me that, he would snatch my waist and make me look like a new person all the way around.

we also went over more medical stuff, i advised him that i want my blood ordered beforehand, so he can transfuse me right after the bbl.

i also got a call from the hospital with last minute details,

i will stay in the surgery center over night, then i will be moved to a regular hospital room for a day or 2 for monitoring.

i have also been doing pre surgery deep tissue massages,

i have had 3 so far, my final will be nov 1st at 8pm

so my body will be relaxed for my 7 am surgery the next day.

the nurse thought it was a great idea.

I have surgery wed morning, i'm more excited then nervous...

height 5'6

weight: 150 lbs

bust: 34

waist: 32 1/2

thighs: 39

areas to be lipoed

full abdomen, upper and lower back,

flanks and inner thighs.

i'm hoping to get at least 1000cc's

i want a realistic look, i don't want to look fake or over exaggerated.

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office pics 4 days pre op

setting up my sleeping space i have 4 more days till my bbl

so i deiced to make my make shift bed today, i am a back sleep i tried to sleep on my tummy last night and i gave up i can't do it.

hi i decided to trace my butt and cut my lounge chair with a knife, before surgery and it turned out great. the only thing is you will need alot of pillows to get comfortable,
i'm gonna post some pics of what i did.

i also have a Memory Foam Zero Gravity 3 Piece Wedge Pillow Set, i got it 3yrs ago, it definitely comes in handy to use under and on top of this contraption lol.
surprisingly enough, it's really comfortable to sleep on, and it's facing the tv, so i think this will be the best recovery option for me when i come home.
what are you ladies currently doing as far as sleeping?

pre-made meal prep

so last night i decided to make a bunch of pre-made meals
i don't have a man to take care of me just my mom & dad and kids
they will be at school and my parents work. so i wanted to have my meals ready
while i'm home during the day and when the kids get home they can heat the meals up for me and themselves as well.

i made everything with really low salt kind of bland tasting because i dont want to swell up=)

Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser Liquid & Massages

so i brought some more supplies yesterday, one of the things i made sure to grab was Walgreens Antiseptic Skin Cleanser, (it's the same exact thing as Hibiclens) it's a few dollars cheaper, what it does is help to reduce bacteria and prevents skin infections thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection.
they are running a special buy 1 get 1 50% off i got a full bottle with a pump
and i also got a little bottle as well for refill purposes.
you should start using this 3 days prior to surgery , i started washing with it yesterday and i liked it, it created a lot of suds and it smelled pretty good to.
it also left my skin really smooth, i will use this from now on until i am fully healed.

i have also been getting deep tissue massages once a week for the past 3 weeks,
it make me feel better and i want to be relaxed before surgery.
i have my last pre massage, tomorrow night around 8pm after that i will go home sleep and head to surgery at 6:30 am.

one more day left...

today has been a busy day getting ready for tomorrow morning,
i got all my stuff packed i'm staying for at least 2-3 days.
i have my pillows, and i also brought an extra faja, i decided to try it on
so i can see the before and after, it's tight but it fits comfortably,but i can see it being hard to put on and take off.

i also decided to make my own bbl pillow, i didn't feel like paying $100 for something that i will only use a few short weeks. i got a CanDo High Density Half Roller for 7.99
then i topped it off an Extra Firm Foam Foot Rest Cushion it has a strap on the back of it for Lumbar Back Support but i use it to hold on to the half rollers. it works great it seats me high even on the couch. i also got a Yoga Bolster pillow, but it wont be here till tomorrow.

i'm on my way to get my weekly massage, they have really helped to relax me!
after the massage, i plan on getting a good nights sleep so i can get to the hospital on time.
wish me luck.

Made it to the other side

Hello just wanted to stop by can let you know I made it everything is going good so far I'm in a little bit of pain everyone here has been great! Doctors full update when I can?

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I took my first shower today it was wonderful

Hey y'all I know I've been M.i.a I'm still in the hospital

Everything has been going well, my surgeon has visited me everyday here he is so funny, I love the nurses and staff no judging from them, they have for the most part been doing there job, some are even interested in getting a bbl lol. After the anastisa wore off OMGGGGG day 2 hurt so bad, but I hung in there and took my meds. I don't know how people go straight home after a bbl but I couldn't do it. After paying for the first night the docs allowed my insurance to cover the rest of my stay because I'm high risk. I was given 2 post op transfusions which were wonderful and helped to speed up my recovery. I will go more in to details as the days go by. I am not only happy but oh so greatful to have the best hemco and plastic surgeon team in Mn. My p.s. had never worked on a patient with scd or a low hemoglobin but they know how serious I take care of my health and stay on top of my health and they knew it was be slightly hard but that I would pull through alright.

Here are some pics of me getting ready to shower I'm 4 days post so I'm still swollen but I'm loving what I see so far, that shower was so nice.?

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OMG this swelling is no joke!

Hey everyone I've been doing OK I'm not in much pain but the swelling is making me miserable! I had to wait to get in to my massage place I'm here now waiting to get my 1st lymph massage. I was supposed to get the in the hospital but by the time my order was placed Fri the massage people had went home and they don't work weekends.

I went to my first post op on Tues the doc said I was healing well, he took out my stitches, but noticed I was still very swollen they need up ordering me a bigger xl garment for free, it came today. I have been eating healthy low salt but they said I may be drinking to much water and pineapple juice so I have to but I'm still swollen. I'm praying the massage helps also got my insurance to cover it so I will be coming a few times a week. I think this swelling has been the worse part I can feel it in my back and sides. I know it will be better but I'm hard to deal with at times. I'm taking ibuprofen 600mg to help with the swelling both I hope these massage do the trick

Day of surgery review

So I wanted to write a review on what happened the day of my surgery.

That morning I was kind of nervous, I got up at 5am to shower all my stuff was packed then me and mom headed out the door. my 2 best girls were calling and texting me and sending me prayers as well. Around 6:15 They took me in the back to get dressed and go over everything it was hard for the chick to get an iv in me I was so irrated after 3 tries she gave up. And said she would leave it for the anaostiologist. My surgeon came in the room to go back over my Desiree results and mark me up, I told him I wanted a really small waist and a nice curvy REALISTIC ass. After wards my mom came back in the room, so were talking I'm trying to relax not be nervous I've had several surguies before so I'm trying not to think of the worst. Then the nurse comes back in to go over the entire procedure again she goes "so we're gonna take fat from your stomach, thighs, flanks and back and reinject it back in to your buttocks!" I'm like damn why did she say that I never mentioned that part to my mom. Well after the nurse leave my mom was like what the hell! I thought you were just getting lipo your doing way to much is this safe ect. She was kinda of mad but I really didn't wanna tell anyone because I didn't need the judged. She gave me a hug & a prayer and the wisked me to the o.r. the anastiolosigt got in the I.v. said something I don't know what but I was out!

I woke up in the recovery room with my mom smiling and greatful that everything went OK they then moved me to my hospital room once I got situated on my stomach my mom pulled back the sheets and said you look like kim kardashian looool she liked it she said she never knew about bbls and she is happy that I made it through OK and that I am happy. She left after a few hours but came by to see me every day I stayed in the hospital from wed till sun the nurses and the staff were great! They had never had to take care of a post plastic surgery patient, but they all did a great job they kept me safe monitored and listened when I told them what MY BODY needed like fluid extra transfusions ect. I would say once the anastia wears off day 2-3 are the hardest but time does fly by the time left I was 5days post and feeling better. The only complaint I have is the swelling, it doesn't really hurt but its extremely uncomfortable!

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some pics

i took a shower today and decided to take some pics on my laptop.
iv'e been going through a lot of swelling lately and it's been annoying, but i got a chance to compare where i started,
to where i'm currently at, and i'm happy! over all my shape looks a lot better and my doc took away all my trouble areas.
while there is still swelling, i am confident that once it finally dissipates, i will be left with a flat stomach and nice curves.

went to my 2nd doc's appointment i learned alot

hi so yesterday was my 2nd doc appointment i also felt a lot better the swelling has been going dow little by little.

i was able to drive myself to his office. he said i'm still healing nicely so it will take me a bit longer to fully heal from the swelling, but he said a lot of it should be gone by next week since i'm only 2 weeks post. he also said to keep wearing the garment and the foam he asked if i needed another garment or any foam i told him no.

i also talked to him about my shedding skin he said that is normal as well, i haven't seen many girls talk about that only one so far. i am now using an exfoliation gloves to get rid of the excess shedding and i use my own special oil mixture which helps with healing and swelling.

i also asked him about where he put the fat and how he shaped my butt, it's starting to get softer,

but it has not lost it's nice roundness or perkiness,

i'm 45 inches around. he stated that he doesn't not inject any fat in to the muscle, he says any doctors that does that, can have a potential death on their hand, because there are a lot of veins in the muscle and you can cause a fat embolism.

he has known doctors who have lost women by going to deep he says the fat will not "survive more" by being injected in to the muscle. he stated that he only injects his fat in to the subcutaneous fat portion of the buttocks, he then molds and shapes it to give a nicer shape. he is constantly getting new training, he flies all over the world and works with some of the best doctors in japan and in Europe as well.

he stated that they are working on a new procedure to expand your butt tissues by for injecting it with fluid

letting it sit a while, then injecting it with fat, this is supposed to help cut down on round 2 bbls, it's supposed to give women who want really big butts a chance to do it in 1 round. i love talking to him he's always so full of info lol.

he also stated that since i'm pretty slim my butt would only take so much fat, he said he put enough to give me what i wanted and still leave it looking natural. he really didn't count the cc's he goes off of how it look ascetically which is what i wanted, he said he thinks he put about 600'cc in each cheek, what ever he put in there made a world of a difference and i am happy with it! he said he rearly puts over a 1000ccs in anyone, unless they are already heavy or have a big butt frame to start with. he said putting in to many cc's can cause the fat to not take and die off quicker because it's so compacted their isn't enough oxygen or blood supply for all the fat to gravitate to. so he likes to add just enough, and if people want more they can always come back for another round, what ever he did he a great job!

i only slept on my stomach the first 3 days then i couldn't take it, since then i have been sleeping on perfectly placed pillows, and my wedge to keep my legs and upper half elevated and my butt hanging off in to my boppy. it's been alot easier for me to recover this way, he said it was fine, and that he would rather have me comfortable then, cause me any more pain, even though iv'e been sleeping like this for almost 2 weeks, i haven't lost any volume in my butt at all. i also sit all the time on my bbl pillow as needed and still no loss, he said since it's been 2 weeks i can sit as normal if i like, or just continue doing what i do. i have tried both and i don't feel weird sitting on my butt at all, but i would rather sit on the bbl pillow.

so i finally got to see my ass in leggings today instead of sweats lol my ass is so big, that my large leggings bearly fit over it, my mom had to help me pull my leggings up in the back we were cracking up, she was like what the hell your butt is so big now omg! i used to wear a size small/medium but when i gained all the weight i had to grab some size large leggings, now it looks like i may have to upgrade to extra large, i can not lie my shape looks so nice, it feels so good not having that nasty gut and having a nice round ass instead.

i went grocery shopping after my doc's appointment and the stares from men and women were crazy mind you i had on a long shirt and a tight fitting jacket but that ass was like pooow lol!

i really want to try on some dresses, but i don't have the energy yet and i want more of the swelling in my legs & tummy to go down. i have very little swelling in my butt most of that has left, my butt is a lot softer and my stretch marks don't pop out as much, the doc said he can give me a discount on a laser treatment that will remove them,

i will be doing that in a few months once i'm completely healed, we don't want to mess up the fat graft at all.

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i love my massager

hey everyone so as you all know i have been dealing with severe swelling, well last thrus when it got real bad,
i ordered this hand held massager from amazon to use between my lymphatic massages.
when i tell you, i have been using this thing since Saturday and it's a God send! my surgeon and masseuse said that it's a great thing that i got this, they both said it well help speed up my swelling recovery. anytime i feel my body swelling
i use this massager it works so good, especially on hard to reach places like my lower back!
the massager helps to dissipate the fluid build up in my lower back, hips and thighs.
if you're dealing with constant swelling this may help you.
my swelling has gone down by 30% since using this =)

2nd lymphatic massages and pictures

so today was a good day, i woke up a lot less swollen.
i was able to bend down easier, pick things up, and even tie my shoe. my vagina isn't swollen anymore but i still have some swelling in my thighs and stomach.

anyways i went for my 2nd lymphatic massage today
my masseuse is really cool we have a great time together.
she said she can tell i'm moving a lot better this week.
last week she had to help me take off and put on my garment. she also stated that she is noticing that i am having a lot less swelling in my stomach, flanks and back.
she also loves the fact that i am using my massager in between seeing her.

anyways after i left there i felt so good that i decided to take some before/after picture of my in my garment, i was so surprised by the difference, that i decided to try on this dress i got 2 weeks ago, i have never worn it, it's a size med and it fit like a glove! i was in shock to see how much my shape has changed for the better, i still can NOT believe it's me!
i've been so used to seeing myself out of shape and heavy from gaining all that weight over the past 3mths, it feels so good to actually feel good in my clothes, i had been very depressed before the surgery. even though i'm not all the way healed and i'm still slightly swollen in my tummy,
all i can say is my doctor did the damn thing! i am so happy and excited that i feel like going shopping right now, and it's past midnight lol.

leggings, jeggings, and jeans oh my!

i can't believe it's been a whole month since i had my BBL
time has flown by. i went to see my PS yesterday and he said i'm coming along great. i'm no longer swollen, i still swell every now and then but not as bad as i was 2 weeks ago. he stated that he wants me to wear my garment for 2 more weeks then i can switch to my stage 2, he said that i no longer need to wear the foams pads but i like them
they make my garment more comfortable.

i have been buying all sorts of cute tops and dresses, so i decided to try on some of my pre bbl jeans and leggings and i am shocked to see that they still fit, i am so happy because i swore i would have to buy a whole jean wardrobe, it's like all my clothes look so much better with this ass lol.

the first thing i tried on were my leggings they are a size med and my ass is popping in them!

i then tried on my jeggings, and they looks so good! they are a size 7 and still fit comfortably i used to look so flat in them before.

now the last pair i tried on are my favorite pair of jeans, they are a size 7 with only a 2% stretch. they look like they are painted on my ass lol, they sit low on my hips but look really nice, i will most likely get these types of jeans in a size 9 so they will a bit more comfortable they are kind of tight.

i won't post again for a few weeks, i feel like i am talking to myself since my doctor isn't well known on here, so it make no sense to keep posting.
but i still enjoying looking at everyone's updates=)

Black Dress approved

I went shopping and, got a new dress. it feels good to go shopping and know
that your clothes will fit you properly, shopping is now fun again.
i love this dress, it's a size medium like i wore before,
but now my body is proportionate!
i got a chance to measure my self, now that i'm done swelling for the most part.
my ass went from 44inchs out the hospital to 42inchs today which i assume was mainly from the fluid and swelling. my ass is now nice and soft, i can sit on it with no issues, but i prefer to sit on my bbl pillow.
even though i'm down 2 inches, you can not tell at all, my ass is still phat!
my frame is now 36c-29-42 my stomach still swells sometimes, but it's gotten a lot flatter my surgeon, said i should get down to a 28-27inch waist, either way i am very happy with my results thus far, body con dresses are my new best friend!

officially 6 weeks post

so i turned 6 weeks dec 14th, some days i still can't believe i when through with this surgery, but i have yet to regret it one bit.

i finally wore regular underwear last weekend with a waist cincher, i went from a size 6 in underwear to a size 8 yeah!
it's was ok wearing panties, but it felt weird not wearing my faja for the whole weekend. since then iv'e been back in my faja, my PS told me i could stop wearing it 2 weeks ago but i feel more comfortable wearing it with the foam pad.
i will mostly keep wearing my faja.
the swelling has basically left, but every now and then my tummy & back still swell, but as soon as i get up and walk to the bathroom or kitchen it goes away, unlike before, so i am happy about that.

i have driven on my bare butt with out my bbl pillow and i did fine, iv'e been able to sit on my bare butt since i was 2 weeks post, but i still choose to sit on my bbl pillow just because it's more comfortable and i prefer to sit on it, but i can sit down just fine.

i get sharp pains, in my back and sometimes in my butt, they go away after a few seconds, it's simply the nerves reconnecting back together, it can be annoying but it doesn't hurt to bad.
i'm just glad i can feel again, after being numb for a month lol.

the fluid in my lower back is basically gone, when i rub cream on my lower back, i can now feel it, before i was so swollen i bearly reach my lower back.
i stopped getting massage a few weeks ago, the lymph massages were ok, but they didn't help speed anything up in my opinion.

from what i read, what ever fat you have at 6 weeks, should stay with you, i still wake up scared that my butt will disappear lol, but so far so good. i still sleep on my wedge, but 2 nights ago i decided to just sleep on my bed with out the wedges, and i slept just fine, i mainly slept on my sides.

iv'e been shopping like crazy, it feels so good to buy things and know they will fit me, i can't wait till it starts to get warm again so i can wear, all my outfits.

my mom is also loving my shape she said i was fine before the unnecessary weight gain for my bbl, but she said my butt looks real good now, she feels if i'm happy then it was well worth it.

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