26 Y/o. Two Kids. Hoping to Get a Big Bootey After Bbl - Ecuador, EC

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I am super healthy. I love sports. I am a Crossfit...

I am super healthy. I love sports. I am a Crossfit addict and could live in the gym. I know that if I eat super healthy and not consume anything I enjoy I could have the body I desire, however when I have tried this I have been miserable. For this reason, and because my butt never grows, regardless of my diet or exercise I have wanted to get a bbl. I already went for consultation. I have the money and I know the doctor that will be performing it is AMAZING. One of the best in South America, but there is still two thing stopping me from committing. 1- I am completely terrified of the pain. Some days I couldn't care less and I just want to do it, but some others I wonder if the pin will be worth it. 2- Im a single mother and I have got a toddler. I could hire someone to help me take care of her but for how long would this be? Please sisters give me some light I am desperate trying to make up my mind!

Thank you beauties
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