Silcon Buttocks Injection Complications / Removal????

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I had polymetaclinato (biopolymer?) injections in...

I had polymetaclinato (biopolymer?) injections in 2005 in both left and right buttocks.

Im worried that i have an infection of my injection. I would not reccommend this procedure to anyone it is defintely no worth the anxiety.

Im seeking diagnosis, or determination of.. A. Whether or not my injections have migrated? B. Whether or not my injections are infected/causing infection? C. Are there any doctors in the Seattle, Wa area that specialize in the removal of silcone injections (not implants)? D. Are there any doctors that i can be referred to outside my area? Ive been struggling and am extremely anxious about my health as a result of research and several simptoms i am currently suffering. ANY advice, or support would be amazing and i look forward to hearing from the experts!! THANK YOU.

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