A Time for a Change - East Rochester, NY

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I am 41 years old with three kids, 22,18 and 11...

I am 41 years old with three kids, 22,18 and 11 and have been married for 21 years. I am bearly 5' tall and weighed my heaviest around a year ago, which was almost 120lbs. I realize that 120lbs doesn't sound much, but considering I was 90lbs when I got married, 30lbs was alot of extra weight for my frame.

So I decided that it was time to do something about it and started exercising aggressively and watching my food intake. After 6 months I was done to 110lbs, which I was very happy with. My breast size went from a 34DD to just a 34D and my stomach was even more flabbier with the extra skin. Always thinking that I would want a breast lift, now was the time to look into it. So with the support of my wonderful husband we booked a consultation to discuss this procedure. While we were there, I asked about the extra skin on my stomach and he mentioned the tummy tuck procedure. I left that appointment eager to get both procedures done, however I was extremely worried about what others would think of my vain decision. It wasn't until I lost a friend of mine to cancer that life reminded me that I need to do what makes me happy and stop worrying about what others would think. I had support from my husband and children and that was all I needed to finally schedule the surgery.

My surgery was performed on February 14th and so I just reached my 6 week mark. Although the recovery time was a lot longer than I anticipated, I have been very pleased with the results.

Updated Pic at 3 months

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