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First let me list the myriad of procedures I'm...

First let me list the myriad of procedures I'm having done! I am getting THE WORKS!!

- Mini-tummy tuck
- Periareolar Breast Lift/Augmentation with replacement of current breast implants
- Liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, hips, and thighs
- Fat grafting to the buttock


I am 28 years old - have two girls - a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. I knew after having my first daughter that I wanted a mommy makeover. Making two beautiful girls took it's toll on my body - mostly due to gaining WAY too much weight! I am 5'6 and got up to 235 lbs during each pregnancy now 155 lbs (still trying to lose a few more before surgery). I have busted my ass to lose this weight - did a half-marathon this summer, a biking/kayaking biathlon, 5k, warrior dash coming up - doing T25... these last areas are NOT BUDGING!

I had a breast augmentation done in 2007 that I was completely satisfied with before I had and breastfed two babies! The current implants are saline, and look great - besides what little natural breast tissue I have and my nipples hanging off the bottom of them. I am getting a peri-areolar breast lift and increasing the size of the implants by about 100 cc and upgrading to silicone. My current implants are 360 and 390 (my boobs were tiny and uneven) and I am starting to be able to feel the ripples in the implants and feel a "squeeking" of them rubbing in my chest wall when I exercise.

As for the tummy - I went back and forth between a full and mini-tummy tuck and opted for the mini. I'm a little nervous as I will probably have some "dog ears" because I do have some muffin top on the sides - but the PS said with the full my incision would have to be higher or have a vertical line d/t not having enough tissue above my bellybutton. The stretch marks don't bother me - and I know they will still be there as a reminder of carrying my little ones. My main issue is all below the belly button. I have to either pull my jeans up over my floppy skin sack or below it and have it hang there. This procedure will include muscle tightening of the lower abdomen, and liposuction - but leave my bellybutton where it is (even though it's scarred from an old piercing). I actually don't like the look of most "new" bellybuttons - and right now, my upper abdomen is the best part of my core so I'm keeping it.

Liposuction - getting the works! The part I hate most about my body right now is my saddlebags (outer thighs). I have always had wide hips - but I have an indentation where my hip bones are then protruding saddle bags and muffin top. I'm hoping to smooth this area out a bit. Also doing the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, outer and inner thighs.

After the liposuction he is taking some of the fat and grafting it into my buttocks and into the indentation near my hips that makes my saddlebags more apparent. I will have to include pics later to explain what I'm talking about here - hard to describe!!

That about sums it up. I am nervous - this is 6.5 hours of surgery and is going to be a HELL of a recovery!! I have a high pain tolerance level and consider myself pretty tough but I know this will put me to the test. I am a full-time ER nurse - work 12 hour shifts so I only had to take 6 days off work to get 3 weeks off.

I am running short on time and haven't taken all my before pics - but here is the dreaded "PLANK" belly shot! YIKES!

Pre-op with before pictures

Alright, it's the morning of November 4th - surgery day!!!! Here are my pre-op before pictures. I am getting a mini tummy tuck, periareolar ("donut") breast lift with replacement of breast implants, and liposuction with fat transfer to my butt! They are estimating 6.5 hours of surgery. I am so nervous and ready to get this DONE!!!!!!

I booked so far in advance it seems like it took forever for this day to be here. SO NERVOUS! And very interested to see what happens to my tattoo... haha the hummingbird I got when I was 14 is about to be hacked in half.

Wish me luck!

Day of Surgery -post op on the "flat side"

Surgery went well today! They gave me some Versed to ease the anxiety before walking into the OR and getting scrubbed down standing up in the middle of the room naked and shivering!! As soon as I laid down they gave me Propofol and the next thing I knew it was 6 hours later and I was DONE!

Immediately after waking up I was very painful and had to wait until I got home to take my pain medicine. That was a bummer but Motrin and norco are helping quite a bit.

I'm very very dizzy when I get up. Some from the meds and also I'm thinking some significant blood loss. My face as pale and lips are white. Thought I was going to pass right out when I stood to put my compression garmet back on after going to the bathroom but I made it back to my recliner.

When I looked in the toilet after peeing, it was full of blood. Lots of it! I finally figured out it's from a small incision just over my butt crack with blood dripping down. That seems to be the only one leaking too bad, gonna ask the doc at my appt in the morning if all that blood was normal. I was expecting more of a clear bloody fluid, not just blood. It seems to slow down while I'm sitting still.

I had to even ask if they gave me my breast lift because with the other pain I can hardly tell they did anything up there!

Looking forward to seeing the incisions, maybe at my post-op appt tomorrow. My TT incision feels pretty low, so that's good. Also can tell my saddlebags already look smaller, even with the swelling. Yay!! They said I can shower tomorrow which I am looking forward to.

Thanks for the well wishes guys!!

Day of surgery photos!

Day of surgery photos

Day after surgery

Got a glimpse of myself without my garmet on while I took a shower. Post op appt was quick, in and out of there in 5 minutes. Later tonight my husband is supposed to massage my back, flanks, hips and thighs with a rolling pin. That doesn't sound like much fun!

Post-Op Day 3

Feeling a little better today- moving around a bit easier.. But still quite painful! Still taking norco and naproxen around the clock for the pain.

When I am standing too long, my lower back spasms and I have to sit down and it will stop. That's where the majority of my pain seems to be. Still a lot of swelling in my belly, hips, flanks and thighs.

My PS has me rolling over all these areas 2-3 times a day with a rolling pin which is quite torturous but is supposed to help with the swelling and healing.

The good news is I have had zero pain in my breasts from my lift and implants. They feel nice and soft and no pain what so ever. Curious to see the incisions around my areolas after the tape comes off. They ended up using 450 cc in the right and 500 cc in the left. They seem a little smaller than they did before somehow- maybe because of the lift? they aren't so droopy and look more even now.

Next post-op appt isn't until nov 17... Can't wait to be out of this first couple weeks of healing!

Post-Op Day 4- more swelling and garmet issues!

well, I'm post-op day 4. My compression garmet was leaving funky indentations on my inner thighs so I put on a different one that seems smoother. Also called my PS who gave me permission to peel back some of the tape that was leaving an indentation/roll on my abdomen. Hopefully these spots smooth out after some massage and after the swelling goes down!

day 5 - sooo swollen!

sooo swollen today! Much worse than yesterday - especially in my back and belly. I weighed myself out of curiosity I'm holding over 10 lbs of fluids. I look pregnant and the bruising is pretty awful looking. Trying not to get too discouraged over it as I'm sure it will improve... But I'm ready to be done with this stage in the healing process!!!! I did make it through the day without taking anything other than Motrin for pain, so I'm happy with that.

Worst pain is the back spasms and lower back pain when I'm standing and walking- I have to sit down for it to go away. Hoping this resolves before its time to go back to work!!

1 week post op

One week post-op today, feeling a bit better and slightly less swollen than the last couple days. Still quite swollen, but starting to see at least SOME shape and can appreciate the areas that he did lipo will look better in the long run. Trying to be patient!

6 weeks postop

Still having swelling, but much improved!!! Happy with my results so far- and have been cleared to work out so I started that today and felt great.
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