Dysport Worked Better for Me Than Botox, but That Might Have Been the Doctors Who Did the Procedure

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I had Dysport injections done in Europe twice and...

I had Dysport injections done in Europe twice and one procedure of Botox in the US.

I must say that the Botox injection could not keep up with Dysport. Both times when I had Dysport injections the effect lasted up to 7 months whereas the Botox one wore off after only 2 months.

I also admit that effect depends on doctors experience and the dosage. The dose of Botox I received was most likely not enough, as it did not smooth out my frown lines between the eyebrows. I felt like I just waisted my money on it. So, in 2.5 months I had the procedure redone with the Dysport and voila! The 11's were gone, the undereye lines smoothed out, as well as my forehead. So, 9 months later I'm going to have Dysport here in the US, hoping that the doctor will be as experienced and the dose will be right!

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