Dysport Ok but Not the Golden Goose

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I had my first Dysport treatment one month ago....

I had my first Dysport treatment one month ago. Forehead and "11" between the brows. I had no ill after-affects (bruising/soreness) and I never have had any w/ Botox. The Dysport did start working in about 4 days which is quicker than botox ever did, but after 2 weeks, I noticed the following: 11 lines between the brows were totally immbolized (yeah), but the forehead lines, though significantly impacted, were not as smooth as I have had w/ botox. Of course, the provider charges by area and you have to sign a disclaimer acknowledging the units used may not be enough for you and you'll need more....thus another area charge. One month later and I'm noticing the forehead is not as immobile as it was - affects already starting to wear off?? With botox, I could usually get at least 3 months out of it before wearing off, but it doesn't appear Dysport will be like that. I know everyone is different due to their metabolism and I only tried the Dysport just because I could (and they had the rebate). No regrets, but lesson learned. I'll just "leave it" per the Dysport challenge and go back to botox.

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I don't feel the provider is at fault for my Dysport results unless it is determined they dilluted the solution too much (which I would never be able to prove). Provider has performed exceptionally in all other services so I would hard-pressed to point the finger at her for this service results.

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