Glycolic Peel Facial - Durham, NC

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This was my first facial and my very trusted...

This was my first facial and my very trusted esthetician recommended the glycolic. I'm 33, pure Irish with very pale, fine skin. Fortunatley, I don't have a lot of lines, but I do always have red bumpy cheeks and flaking between my eyes no matter how much I moisturize. She said this would help. Note that this treatment is meant to be done in a series of 3, one month apart. I have only done the one treatment.

After a glycolic peel you are told you will be a "little red", develop some acne, have some flaking and sunscreen and a big hat is a must. They say this lasts 2-3 days. Ok, well I had more than mild redness- I was shiny, splotchy and bright red- I looked like a burn victim. The worst of it (and by worst I mean, can't leave the house bad) lasted about 3 days. There was an additional 10 where I was still very splotchy- maybe my skin reacts more than others? I have to admit, I was terrified my skin would never come back- I looked way worse than when I began. I should also note that concealer and other makeup was not so helpful during this time because of the flaking- it just didn't set.

Fully 2 weeks out and it's looking great! The redness finally subsidided and for the first time in years, I don't have to wear concealer to hide check redness! I really want to go back to do the other 2 treatments, but timing will have to be a consideration- there is no down time with this procedure, just ugly time.

I'm sorry I didn' take before and after pictures, but I do recommend this procedure!

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