Botox in Forehead Between the Eye Brows (Deep Furrows)

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I have had botox in the past a different doctor i...

I have had botox in the past a different doctor i had no problem it was a regular MD.Now i went to a certified occular plastic surgeon asked for botox he didn't even discuss where it should go,i just showed him my problem area and he just put 22.5 units two spots.The last doctor the MD did four or more she had a plan for me and discussed it.

The botox treatment seemed to have gotten rid of those furrows but i noticed above my eye brows i also had lines slightly across the whole forehead and now the center lines are gone there also,but above eye brows are left deep down turned lines.

I was going to go back to the MD to inject these eyebrow problem areas,but i'm just going to learn a hard lesson for myself and be happy with what GOD gave me.No more messing with what was meant to be,i got the hint i am done.

My question is this: with continuous muscle contraction can i quicken the wait time for the muscles to return?Please help.
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He is a certified ocular plastic surgeon and i think he should have known to put more botox above eye brows not just between eyebrows knowing how it could effect other muscles in my face.

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