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I am 4 days post-op and i have hurt since i woke...

I am 4 days post-op and i have hurt since i woke up from surgery. I have been reading other people's experience's, they do not sound like mine at all. If I keep taking pain med and muscle relax they will make me fall asleep for a hour or so then i wake up hurting again. my breast's are really red and bruised where the incisions are(at bottom of breast), I have had to sleep sitting up in the recliner since i cannot get up if i lay down in bed without using my arms, when i try that i get burning shooting pain in breasts. My implants are gel and under the muscle. When i looked at my breast i was so surprised they look like two humpback whales, no one warned me that they would have to drop, and that would take weeks or months, who knows, but i certainly hope that they drop. I have been through two spinal surgery's and knee surgery and yes they hurt but not this bad. The only thing that i can compare this to is child birth and i had mine natural.(at least that ended in 15 hrs). I am 44 yrs old 36B, 5'5 130lbs, and chose 275cc gel silcone implants. what is wrong?!

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