Side Effects Were Harsh but my Skin Rocks - Duncan, BC

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It has been one year since I stopped my treatment...

It has been one year since I stopped my treatment and my skin is still oil and zit free! It was a tough road though. I had suffered from mild depression in the past but I never have felt truley suicidal before. About 4 months in to my treatment I started to feel severly agro. I have two children and I am thankful that I never did anything regretful while I was on it. By the 6th month I knew i had to stop treatment. I was calling my husband at work screaming that he had to come home that I was going to drive my car into a tree etc. I honestly wanted to die. I stopped taking the meds 2 weeks before i was supposed to and ifelt completely normal about 3 weeks later. It really seemed to enhance my pms symptoms a lot.

But on apositive note... I no long
er suffer from the terrible cystic acne that plauged me for over10years. I wouldnt reccomend this drug if

you h ave ever suffered from any depression or anxiety.

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