40-something Needing Breast Reduction (I'm Done with the Shoulder/neck Strain) - Duluth, GA

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So far, so good... Dr. Davoudi and his staff are...

So far, so good... Dr. Davoudi and his staff are great! I feel like a nuisance because I have a boatload of questions (because I'm a bit nervous -- especially of the pain/recovery afterwards), but they are so sweet and patient with me and it definitely eases and calms my nerves. I'm looking really forward to my procedure because I'm in excellent hands!!!!

Davoudi was a Mistake

1. Pictures are 10-months post-surgery... full-recovery results from a Davoudi breast reductions [the reduction size and lift were fine, but look what he did to my nipples]
2. He denies to this day that his work is wrong and that he replaced my nipples too high and EXTREMELY uneven. (The pictures speak volumes)
3. When I insisted he fix it he said he would ‘split the costs’ with me to do so
4. I visited 3 other plastic surgeons who confirmed my obvious and grossly uneven results – and who were all shook their head in dismay that davoudi had the nerve to ask that I pay for the correction
5. I paid another surgeon to fix my blotched surgery (since davoudi sees nothing wrong and wanted to charge me – what is he correcting if he sees nothing wrong)
6. I stand by his staff being wonderful!! (He needs to learn from them.)
7. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more
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