32 Year Old and Going Under for the Very First Time! Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. Duluth, GA

I am so excited and nervous! I am looking into...

I am so excited and nervous! I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and liposuction next month with Dr. Davoudi! I feel so comfortable with him and his insicion line is amazing! I am scared and excited! Surgery is March 18th! I am worried about the intubation and the anesthesia. I am a healthy person, mom of two adorable kids! I want to be comfortable on my on skin and this is why I need this procedure done. He will be doing a full tummy tuck and liposuction on flanks, thighs, chin and top of belly. Dr. Davoudi was amazing! I can't wait until I go under with this amazing person. I'll be praying everyday! I know this is the right choice but I feel a tiny bit bad lol

Any tips would be great! I have been researching a lot! Anything that helped and you are glad you bought please let me know. I p,an on sleeping on a recliner and I already have a walker! Thanks

Pictures of before

Surgery is schedule for March 18th with Dr. DAVOUDI AND I CANT WAIT!!

Surgery done!

Had my surgery one Gr

12 days post op

Feeling much better.

5 months po

I went to see Dr. Morgan Davoudi with Atlantic Center for Cosmetic Surgery. I had a great consultation. He talks super fast but he is so kind, nice and funny! He did my exam and recommended some stuff. He was very honest! Then he sat with us and went over the whole surgery and procedure. He showed us before and after. My husband was very impressed! So was I!! I have been looking for a surgeon and he was the third I looked into and by far the best for insicion. That's my main concern. I want it low and thin. I am hoping to have surgery March 18th and I wish it was sooner!

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