34 Year Old Considering Gastric Bypass - Ireland, IE

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Hello, I went to my first Bariatric Surgeon...

Hello, I went to my first Bariatric Surgeon appointment. I've researched all the surgeries and I was 100% that I wanted to have the Gastric Sleeve. To me it seemed less invasive than a Bypass and better reviews than the Band. Also with the Bypass, it seems that there was much more dependency on vitamins etc. While discussing the surgeries with the Doctor he suggested I should have the Bypass instead, now I am unsure about my decision. My pros on Bypass is that it has been around for many many years therefore more research has been done and there is more evidence of long term results with patience which the sleeve doesn't have. Pros on the Sleeve is that is 'Less invasive', slower weight loss, Dumping Syndrome significantly lower.

I am 34, 5'2", 226lbs- BMI 41.5- Possible Sleep Apnea, Joint and back problem, possible under-active thyroid. Could any of you please give me your opinion, experience on the two surgeries which might help with my decision?

Any suggestions, recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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