Tummy Tuck and BBL (Revision of Liposuction Irregularities and Left Butt Cheek) - Dublin, CA

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Hi Real Self Community! I have had 3 liposuctions...

Hi Real Self Community!
I have had 3 liposuctions and 3 BBL's of which the first two were done by a doctor that did not know what he was doing which left me with irregularities on my stomach and minimal volume, shape in my buttocks. Finally my 3 rd surgery I had great results BUT my stomach deformities remained which was a known risk.

I have now decided to correct the issue with a tummy tuck and revise the BBL to ensure both butt cheeks look more the same size. There is a slight difference in the left being smaller. It is a bit sad that this will be the 4th surgery but lesson learned...never be in a rush..thoroughly research your surgeon and make sure you are comfortable with him or her.

I have read on this site and done a lot of research but have not found a revision case like mine. I plan to sleep on a recliner chair elevated up right with some cushion to help the pressure on my buttocks. Since not much fat will be put in the doctor indicated he is not worried about me sitting on my buttocks but to put a pillow under.

Looking for the best way to get through the pain. I have the valum, vicadin, and tynenol. If anyone has other suggestions on pillows or other ways to be comfy let me know!

Sorry my pics are upside down for some reason they would not rotate the right way LOL :(
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