Extremely Puffy and Swelling Eyes 5 Hours After Botox Injection

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I did that to remove the lines under my eyes and i...

I did that to remove the lines under my eyes and i hope i never did it, its 100x more bad looking now, i can't go out from the house and hard for me to even open my eyes to see because of my very2x puffy eyes.

yesterday i had botox injection, 1 hour after, I noticed swelling and a little puffy eyes. next day when I wake up, my eyes are extremely puffy and swelling, I find it hard to open my eyes to see as result of the extremely puffy eyes i have right now. Please advice me what should i do? I Called the doctor and send him my picture through the net, he told me to buy steroid ointment and apply it around my eyes. Please help me, why this happened to me? do this steroid ointment can do any help to reduce the puffiness around my eyes? how many days will it take for this puffiness and swelling to go away? Please help me.

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