Cosmelan is a Hope and Miracle Cream in a 1fl Oz Jar - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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I have a sever to mild acne scarring since my...

I have a sever to mild acne scarring since my teens which have left pits and redness. I have been treating this with microneedling - sadly I haven't been as regular with my sessions as I should have been but anyway, I did my 6 sittings and with great results! But the pits were still visible, but with a 60% improvement it was still great for my skin quality, etc. So I was recommended Cosmelan 2 cream once a day for a month to get a more even skin tone.

Please note, I have no done the entire Cosmelan treatment as I was advised my case was not a severe one and I didn't need to spend so much money to see results.

So anyway, today is day 3 of me using my Cosmelan post six sessions of microneedling and I have reduced pores and scarring. My skin feels a little hot and flushed. I def look like my face was baked in the sun and the hot stove and the heat wave in Dubai def make it a little painful but I know in a month it will be painful when my skin is flawless!

So if any of you out there have been suffering from Acne, which I have frm teens into my twenties please don't suffer as long as I have and try what I did. Microneedling is painful. I guess most of the time I may have rescheduled because I didn't want to go through the pain, but know the results will show the same day in a couple of hours if done by an experienced person.

Mine was done in Dubai, UAE. I did my research on the products I wanted used on my skin for the needling namely, Nimue. I used their at home care range through out my treatment religiously. After which I wanted to do a peel to get optimal results, instead opted for a slow and eventual process of using the Cosmelan 2 and I have been peeling since day 2 of using it, which is great!

Simply Skin, Dubai

The lady who did my needling was very knowledgeable, make me feel comfortable. But most importantly I trusted her with my skin because I knew that was the only was I would heal faster. But again, this was after through research on my side and reading 100s of reviews!

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