34, 5'7, 130lb, Breastfed 2 Kids

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Before I had my kids I loved my boobs and always...

Before I had my kids I loved my boobs and always said that when I had kids and breastfed if they went saggy I'd get a breast augmentation.
After I had my first when I stopped breast feeding I was so upset with what I had been left with! But I knew I would want another baby soon and would also be breastfeeding.
I had my second baby early this year and stopped breast feeding a month ago. I knew before I had even stopped that I would not be happy with the state of my boobs once I had weaned. Therefore before I stopped breast feeding I started researching breast augmentations.
I'm so happy I did because I'm really unhappy with the way my breast look now but I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel so don't feel aso bad as I could (if that makes sense).
My husband was dead against it at first, he told me to do my research then come back to him when im sure this is what I want to do, so I've been researching in private.
I booked a consultation with a ps for next year January and I even booked a provisional surgery date! I have mentioned it to my husband and he seems to be coming around to the fact that I'm serious about doing this. He hasn't seen my breast since I've stopped nursing but I know I will have to show him soon as I want him to understand what I'm unhappy with. He said he will come with me to my consultations.
I hoping to have the surgery in March 2017.
I did hope that after nursing they wouldn't look so bad but they look so sad )-: and saggy they fall out of my bra when I bend over (so unattractive!).

My aim is for fuller breast, I'm hoping I won't need a lift but if I do its fine I will do it.

Sorry for the long story but I've decided not to share this with anyone, I did tell my close friend but I was shocked by how negative she was so decided as it's my body and my decision no one else needs to know (apart from the hubby). So this is the only place I can share my feelings.x
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