47, Replacing Old Implant with Lift and Smaller Implant!

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It's tomorrow! Finally getting rid of these saggy...

It's tomorrow!
Finally getting rid of these saggy old things!

12 years ago after a big weight loss I didn't want the scars of a lift so I settled in a 375cc over the muscle tear drop implant. Clearly that was not the best decision as they are now very heavy and saggy.

I am having a full lift along with implant replacement - down to a 280cc round high profile. My aim is to be much smaller - currently an e and would love to be a big c - and of course a whole lot perkier!

My dream is to be able to wear a bandeau bather top.

Surgery is at 10am and I'm all kinds of nervous.

I've included my pics from before the original implant surgery too - it's odd looking at them now.

Wish me luck, will update tomorrow!

All done!

So today was surgery day. I'm home and all set up to recover.

Ended with a lollipop lift and small crease incision. They look loads smaller even though s ollem and im really happy about that!

Also had a revision to my flankectomy with extensive lower back and flank lipo and saddlebag:banana fold lipo.

Can't see anything yet due to these lovey compression garments but I can certainly feel it all soon think it's going to be awesome/

Actually have my old implants in a bag. They are much bigger than the original doctor told me they were - he said 375 but they are 400! The left one which was the painful one way as actually sideways! Sideways!

Off to la la land now will post again tomorrow :)

Day after surgery

Well I'm sore and swollen but they already look great. I'm told they did extensive repair to the pocket as in the doctors opinion it was huge and weird!

Very tired.

Swell hell

I am a keg on legs.
Had my first shower today so got a good look at my whole body for the first time. I am round.

Boobs look good - they are gurgling away full of air, it's kind of funny.

Still sleeping most of the day, have no plans to do anything other than sleep for the next few days too. This swelling is making me so uncomfortable there's not much else I could do even if I wanted to!

Think I go for my first post op appointment on Saturday so will update pics then as I should see without bandages for first time.
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