295 UHP, 31 Yrs, 100lbs, 5'3, Breastfed Two Little Munchkins, BWD 9 (Ya, I'm Tiny)

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It's been about a week & a half since I got my...

It's been about a week & a half since I got my new TATAS! I LOVE my new additions. I've wanted a BA ever since I breast-fed & knew how they could look when bigger. I had a size AA or maybe even AAA. When not breastfeeding.
I now have the size I always wanted. I feel sexy & proportioned. YAY!

Trying out the 295 UHP

Here are some Pre surgery photos. I tried on a couple sizes & decided on the 295 UHP. This was the biggest size I could go because of my tiny frame. It worked out though because this is the exact size I wanted.

Photos of my new TATAS!

Here's how I'm looking so far. I got the PRE-OP pictures taken at the doctors office & I don't have access to them yet. I hadn't officially decided if I was going to post pictures until now. So I don't have any photos from right after surgery.


I'm feeling better each day. They seem to be dropping nicely. Right side is still more swollen & tender than the left. I haven't taken pain meds for four or five days though! Not to say there aren't painful at all. I'm just not in the amount of pain where I require pain meds. The massage/stretches really help after I've done them.

Three weeks post OP

Here's a tip for anyone that gets hyper-sensitive nipples.... put Vaseline, Aquaphor, or Lanolin on nipples before showering! It helps tremendously. I even put some on before I put my sports bra on. For some reason my right nipple is much more sensitive then the left. I plan on bra shopping today. I can wear wireless bras now. Yay! I'll post more pics once I have the bras (or bra depending on what I can find.)

Wireless bra!

I forgot to mention that I got smooth round silicone that went under the muscle. With the 295 UHP being as big as I could go, I lost 20cc's of it so I am more in the 270-275cc range of the UHP.


This is the same shirt I was wearing when I tried on the 295 UHP dozers

4 week update

This past week has been so much better as far as healing goes. My right side is finally matching up with my left. Both have softened more & the swelling has gone down. My right nipple is still really sensitive but slightly less then a week ago. I'm really pleased with the results so far & love that I finally have breasts. They are awesome!

5 weeks

The sensitivity on my right nipple has gotten less & less sensitive the past couple days. Yay! I've been able to do less strenuous exercises this last week. Everything is healing up nicely & my breasts have softened quite a lot. My scars are healing up nicely too!

More pics

It's been a while...

Everything has settled a lot more & my boobs have softened up. The scars are healing nicely. I get small pain twinges every once & a while but they are not to bad. I can lay on my tummy but only for a short while. I mostly pleased with how I look with a bra & clothes. I'm still getting used to seeing myself nude. My hubby loves how they turned out. It's just me that is a little unsure. Maybe I've just been dealing with post surgical depression. I thought I'd love them completely but that's not the case. I may not love them but I do like them & they are definitely an improvement from the tiny ant hills I had before ????

Went to Victoria's Secret

I tried on lots of bras at VS I'm A 32D with their bras. So far it ranges between 34B to 32D depending on the bra brand. These photos are with lightly lined ( minimal padding) bras.

More VS photos

These photos are with some of the push up bras. It was kinda fun trying them on & actually having boobs to fill the bra cups.

Reposting Victoria's Secret photos

The BEFORE photos

It's weird seeing the before photos. I'm so glad I have wonderfully shaped breasts now

Photos for 3 month appointment

The last two weeks have been so much better. I no longer have that dang post surgical depression. Last week I noticed the my breasts finally "dropped & fluffed" to where I was hoping they would end up. I love them. They are exactly what I had hoped for. I still get shooting pains every now & then but I was told that's normal & I'll get them less often as time goes on. My right nipple is really sensitive again but that is also normal. I was told it's probably from heavier workouts lately. My right breast has always been slightly lower than the left. Oh well, nothing to be done about that. I'm very happy with my results. I feel beautiful & I love my body shape now.

It's been a while...

I'm Very happy with my results. My boobs have softened up nicely & my right nipple isn't as hypersensitive. Yay for that.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I'm really glad I chose Dr. Fryer to do my breast augmentation. He made sure to stick with implants that fit my teeny-tiny frame. My incisions are healing up nicely. They are even smaller then I had originally imagined they'd be. He is very precise & he answered all my questions. I definitely recommend him for a BREAST AUGMENTATION.

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