24 years 2 kids dr calva miami , fl april 20/2017!!!

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I want do a Brazilian butt lift with dr yily or dr...

I want do a Brazilian butt lift with dr yily or dr Duran already message them waiting for response and quote haven't save not even penny hoping I save 3,000 by June 12 :( really want this it will be a dream coming true :( I toutght bout financing loan then I pay back later on but I got refuse because I don't have my state I'd hughhhh heelllllppppp me ;((

Okaayyyy soooo mind set for sept5 dr here're I come!!!!!

Set my mind will be saving 500 every month starting next month till august I get 3000 cash then end of august will get my 2500 added together give my friend 100 dollars to watch my daughter lol buy my ticket end of July send my deposit end of May and no need for recovery house will be staying at my friend house in dr and I have a question do ya have to stay in a recovery house ? Or you could stay anywhere else because I will be staying at my friend house there ok thank youuuu finger crosss bout to make my dream come true !!!!!! Nothing will stop me god is in control I'll keep ya update every month :)

helppp lol how can i apply for loan online

How can i apply for loa. For my surgeryyy be,living paycheck to paycheck still aint enough need 4.000 dollarz for my surgeryyyy i wann take loan any siggestion message me

i changeeedd mind going with dr baez becuz yily and duran take 100,years to reply smfhhh baez is wayyy better too

Ok so ladies i decided to go with dr baez i requested for a quoted price now im waiting for a price so i could book my flight ....im reaaaddyyy but the only thing i need is the money :( try to save but :( it not working im praying for a miracleeeee hellppp but if im set for xmas !!!!!!!!!

dr fisher or dr yily ??!!!!

Im still trying to decide between yily and fisher i feel safer with fisher but he doesnt do full back yily does full back but traveling there it scary and i dont enough money to afford for rs so i will be staying in hotel next to the airport and planing to say for five days and leave on the sixth day :(

:( i need a loan !!!!!!!! help im going nuts ????

I need a loan . care credit personal loan work that pays well than that crappy waitress job I'm doing sighhhh I'm praying for an angel to come down with 4000 dollars huh lol or any loan I'll pay back :(

almost done saving yayyy just $2000 short :(

Please sistazh if anybody out there can help me with a $2000 loan we can sign an agreement on the payment so you it official ..please I really needs this I'm praying for god to send an Angel to help me :( lol please sisztah help a sistah out ????????????????????????

Anybody living in new york thinking of going for bbl in dr in 2017 message me !!!! I need a buddy

I made up my mind I've been stalking this page for two years I really wanna get iT done March 2017 or any month before June for my B-Day July first I really need a buddy from new York I work as a home health aid n been saving my ass off I'm readyyy n nervous please message me if u from new York n thinking of going please please

any hasan buddy for april 2017 and live in ny???

If you going to dr hasan on April 2017 message me and if you from ny bonus !!! Comment and which recovery house you going please I hope someone out there comment lol cause nobody bee. Replying :( I'm nervous need a buddy on this journey to ease my nerve OK bless day

Deposit paid !! Dr calva!!! April 20 2017 i need a buddy !!!!

OK so haven't post for long time ive had a hard time picking a doctor now I made up my mind already paid 1500 locked my surgery date for April 20 2017 , found someone a family friend to stat with kids , all I need is an email detailing me if what I need when it comes to which lab test n what to bring etc , starting March I'll start calling out from work a week off , n I'm waiting for these refund to make my final payment , I will b staying in a hotel pre-op surgery then the day of surgery I will be staying with claudia for two days till in able to move around by myself I'm not scared of the surgery ladiees I'm afraid of getting on a airplane oh lord lmaoo like for real I need a travel buddy from new York I need someone please comment or inbox OK gnite sisters we in this together

Any calva april 2017 ??? Can we support each other

Please if you going with Dr calva April inbox gosh it so hard to find buddy :(

Any bbl specials right now in miami

Any be special comment please would appreciate
Dr calva

I loveee him safest going with him

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