Upper and Lower Lids. A Success.

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I normally don't share experiences of this nature...

I normally don't share experiences of this nature but here goes. I am in my fifties and don' t look too bad for my age, apparently but through no fault of my own I have inherited my fathers eyebags which on some occasions were so bad that people used to think he was wearing glasses! Anyway I always resolved to get rid of these endowments when they threatened to take over my face and a year ago I took the plunge. The fact that I had also rid myself of another encumbrance in the shape of my husband also strengthened my resolve.

My PS was Dr Wim Danau and he was brilliant. I got the procedure done under local anesthesia and it was painless. His aftercare was professional and caring. He visited me regularly and always answered my calls.

After 10 days he took the stitches out and then the healing process began. This is slow and often scary as you worry that one eye might be bigger than the other, that you may have a droop, that you might never feel your eyelashes again or be able to look up without feeling like Deputy Dawg.

After 1 month I was looking ok, after 6 great and after a year, perfect with all scarring gone. No-one has asked if I have had anything done but everyone has remarked on how good I look. Just the result I was after. I have been fortunate. Surgery is always a risk. For me however it was worth it.

Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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