Short Nose Rhinoplasty at Wonjin with Dr. Soyoung Lee - South Korea, KR

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I had a short upturned nose, that was rather cute....

I had a short upturned nose, that was rather cute. It was a LITTLE short and I wanted it lengthened SLIGHTLY but to still keep slight upturn. Nostrils reduced a bit and overall size reduced so it was less fleshy. I also wanted my bridge thinned. I allegedly have thick skin.

Email from doctors say I had:
open rhinoplasty, lateral osteotomy (to reduce the width of your nose bridge bone, which often will have more prolonged swelling), nostril reduction, tip plasty (tip refining; remove excess fat and skin/ the tip swelling is usually the last to resolve), no silicone implant used. Ear cartilage was used for the tip. A VERY slight bump on the bridge also removed.

** 11 August, I am back in my home country. I have concerns: I tell the doctors I understand it's too early to tell but that the nose does not look like what I asked. My email explains the follow:
1. Nose seems bottom heavy and very long. I only wanted it slightly longer.
2. I asked for a smaller nose but the projection looks worse than before.
3. Lost the upturn curve of my nose that I wanted to keep somewhat.
I specifically say "It seems like everything I indicated I didn't want they have gone ahead and done instead".

** I get a prompt response from the lady who looked after my needs whilst there (I will call her C) two days later saying that the lateral osteotomy can cause a lot of swelling. My nose was definitely reduced and no implant used so the doctor did not get rid of my curve or make it protrude more than before. She reassures me that my concerns are normal at this stage.

** 15th, I email again. This time, I show pictures just to confirm. I show that my tip is pointing downwards and not upwards. I tell C I know it's very early stages but will my nose really change that drastically? My nose looks very BEAK like. Think extremely pointy and long when it was a cute upturned button nose to begin with... My nose at this stage sits very low.

** 3 days later she responds again. She reassures me again. Due to many procedures done on my nose, the swelling and scar tissue that form subside downward making the nose look and feel long and pointy.

** 20th. My brain can't help but wonder so I ask as many questions as possible. How easy is it to reverse the surgery of the tip? Can the cartilage simply be removed? How long was my tip lengthened?

** C says they can't say how long my tip was lengthened which was slightly disappointing... She says I can have a revision rhinoplasty if my tip is too long after I'm properly healed but I feel that does not answer my real question.

** 25th August: I have emailed them with concerns that I may have early onset of polly beak... Waiting for their response.

Will keep you guys updated. I've noticed there's not too many thorough accounts where people HATE their nose and then love it months after on here but have heard that happens often. Figured I would jot down my experience to help you guys in case this is useful... In case I fall into that scenario. I'm hoping I do, if not, it'll be a revision for me. :(

Pictures for you to see

I understand there i still swelling but my nose before was significantly better. Will update you on my progress :)

RealSelf Doctors & Update from Wonjin (They haven't responded to me in almost 2 weeks)

It's a pity you can't respond to questions on RS. I've wanted to thank doctors for taking the time to write to me. I've asked a few questions. Also, the question section is so limited so I can't articulate to doctors that I've obviously done quite a bit of research and understand it's too early for a revision and that I'm still swollen. I'm basically asking from THEIR past experience, where might this go? I understand it's a 'guestimate' but the more opinions and knowledge I can get right now, the better. That's all I'm trying to do.

Here is my question:
I found Dr Jeffrey Epstein, Nabil Fakih, Remus Repta and Brock Ridenour's responses really helpful.

- Dr Jeffrey Epstein: Really interesting and never knew about the septal cartilage and so glad to know this specific detail. I have immediately emailed Wonjin asking them about whether they touched my SC or not. He has given me a more specific opinion which I appreciate on how my tip looks like it has drooped and is more projected which is exactly my thoughts too.

- Dr Nabil Fakih: Recommends I contact my doctor for an evaluation on how my recovery is going. Unfortunately, I do not hear from my doctor directly and the clinic is not responding to me? Good to know that this is not common however. I was afraid I was being too demanding. I will touch on this more later in this post.

- Dr Remus Repta: Explains that the swelling may result in extra nose length that I do not desire. Good to know.

Dr Brock Ridenour: Hits it right on the nose. "Take a deep breath and try to relax". This shows me he understands and possibly has had extensive experience with rhinoplasty patients and the notorious "hating period" (which I have started a forum on here: He mentions that a millimetre of change can make a huge difference in my perception of the overall size and length of my nose. Not sure if he's implicating only a mm will change or if he’s simply explaining that so much has yet to change and it will make a significant difference no matter how small. Either way, this somewhat confirms my concern. I wanted a VERY slight change... and if a mm can make a significant difference then I am worried that Wonjin has changed TOO much. They have clearly extended my nose WAY more than an mm which based on this theory, will make a DRASTIC difference as opposed to the subtle one I was looking for. Either way, I really appreciate the way he explained it to me. "The good news is that rhinoplasty is not an all or nothing procedure. It is possible not only to remove the ear graft, but to modify the size, width, shape, projection and inclination of the graft to find the perfect balance. Be patient, don't panic and keep an open line of communication with your doctor". This is reassuring.??UPDATE ON WONJIN:?I emailed them 12 days ago and I’ve heard nothing. They were a lot more responsive pre-op and I’m hoping they don’t just discard patients aside once they’ve preformed the op and gotten their money… That would be a real pity….??This is what I have asked Wonjin for and I’m still waiting for a response:??

1. Was the septal cartilage touched?
2. What method of nose extension, nostril reduction and tip correction was used?
3. How was the ear cartilage fixed? Was it sutured to the nasal tip cartilages? Was there any tissue glue used?
4. Was any of my tip cartilages removed and if so, what was exactly altered or removed during the surgery?
5. Surgical File for insurance records

I will write a post soon on what to consider before a primary rhinoplasty surgery in case it helps anyone in the future... Things I wish I considered :)

1 month later and still no reply from Wonjin

They seem very resistant to send me my own medical records which is VERY worrying to me.

They keep saying they'll send it but I never hear back from them... It is their LEGAL obligation FYI to send me my surgical file but they keep pushing it off. At this point, I wouldn't recommend Wonjin to anyone and have been warning people of their services.

Sorry for not posting yet about what to consider before a primary. It's been very hectic!
Dr. Soyoung Lee

Wonjin, South Korea I'm not too sure yet... She was sweet and spoke good english but I feel she could spend more time with her patients and be a bit more thorough. I felt a little rushed and I think it's important surgeons are you questions more in depth to clarify what you want. I will update this again once more final results appear. Unfortunately, the surgeon does not write to you directly so cannot comment on that.

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