Dr. Shrammek Green Peel

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I had my first green peel ( the Dr. Schrammek one...

I had my first green peel ( the Dr. Schrammek one )in Melbourne Australia 10 years ago. During my third pregnancy we moved over to Melbourne from the UK and after a few months and not even sunbathing I began to get pretty bad pigmentation - blocks of joined up freckles and uneven tone - on my skin which did not go away after the pregnancy. I tried lots of expensive facials but nothing worked. I have pale sensitive and very delicate skin prone to fine lines and pink dry rashes especially around nose and on my chin which has got worse with age.

After my first green peel treatment, I could see a big difference but the treatment itself was very uncomfortable. Also I felt very self conscious even though it was only peeling or red for 5 days so I was reluctant to go back. But,cheered on by the results and the kindness of the staff, I braved it. I had three peels in one year and have never looked back.

Since then I have one peel every year to keep my skin in check. I peel well and it smooths out my skin tone, tightens it and detoxes so I am less sensitive generally. I don,t care if people look at me anymore and if they ask I tell them what I am having done. It doesn't feel half as uncomfortable.

My self esteem is much higher as I feel as if I have been able to take control. My skin feels great now and I think it is well worth the money as it includes the creams which last me a good two months afterwards.

Go for it !

Geraldine at The Rejuvenation Clinic, Sale, Cheshire

Kind, professional and experienced.

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