please don't do this to yourself

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I'm over two weeks post op. They told me i could b...

I'm over two weeks post op. They told me i could b back to work in a week. That is total BS. They should say at least 4 weeks. I just went back for another post op visit and the dr said I'm 3 xs as swollen as i should be right now. This is absolutely awful. The abdominal binders are unbearable but I've been wearing them religiously. I don't know what to do it's not getting better. He said if i swell more i can rip the stitches from the inside and he can't fix that. I wish i wasn't so incredibly stupid to submit myself to this. Please please don't do it. It's really awful and i have no idea what complications are in store for me yet.

Feeling like myself again...Thank God!

Just wanted to update my posts. The last couple weeks have been much better. My swelling's gone and I'm feeling like myself again. I knew there would be a long scar but it's hard to imagine it until you see it on your own body. I've still got puckered skin on my stomach (from the surgery not from before) but I think that will improve as time goes on. Also it's still hard to stand completely erect but I think that will improve over the next couple months as the skin stretches out a little. Yes, it's really, really great to have a flat stomach but I would not go thru that again- no question. I would do something to help my terribly aging face or try to improve my large, unattractive backside. Thanks for listening and good luck.

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