In need of a drastic everything makeover....!

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CANT SAY THAT I WON'T have surgery before 2016...!...

CANT SAY THAT I WON'T have surgery before 2016...! But I'm soooo ready, but I will listen to the 3 out of 6 Doctors answers....! Dilemma ...! If anyone has had surgery prior to having a baby please tell me all about it and if I should go that route. I just want the old me back and be perfect for my husband.

In need of a Everything make over to me, settled for the tummy tuck for now...!

I started out wanting to be a Cabral Doll, but they don't take any credit. So I was not sure of whom would take my credit, Alpheaon. Meanwhile wanting the whole kit and caboodle, TT,Bbl,and boobies and at the last minute changing Dr.'s and states. I got a quick response from New Life Plastic Surgery and went with Dr. Llorente. Initially I was apprehensive after meeting him but gave it to God and trusted that I would be satisfied. So here I am not totally ecstatic but on my...!

Tummy Tuck

Wasn't sure, then just hurdled the obstacles...!
Dr. Orlando Llorente

Dr. Llorente started out being rough around the edges then smoothed out. I let him , I let go, and let God take control... ! Thanx...!

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