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Hi so I had my first consult w/ Mark Moore at...

Hi so I had my first consult w/ Mark Moore at Calvary North Adelaide yesterday. I thought that he was very nice and talked through the very basics with me. I have done so much research into this procedure and so nothing he said to me was new information which was ok. He said for my nose everything can be done internally which is good as I heard some make incisions. He told me that he would take 2-3mm off my hump and the refine the end and lift it up slightly. He said that he prefers the natural look and he does not do the ‘scoop’ or ‘ski slope’ nose and said to look for another surgeon if I wanted that look. I do want a natural look and I am ethnic so I don’t know if a ‘scoop’ would suit my face? He quoted me $3000.00 w/ Medicare benefits of $995.00 NOT including Anaesthetic and he wants me to stay overnight in hospital but that is covered by private health fund. So if I choose to go with him then you book the day you want it done and see him 2 weeks before to finalise it all and then he said he can do it. Also it was $150.00 consult fee again though part was cover by Medicare. Please be aware though that I had a doctor’s referral so that could have altered the price so it may vary per patient and their personal situation. I am going to ask my doctor to get a referral to maybe 2 other surgeons just to compare. I heard that Jim Katzaros is good from a few people, also David David, I also was told by 2 people to go to and ENT surgeon and Stephen Forellini was named. I would like to see Dr Trott now from what I have heard on here. I will keep you all updated!


So I have another appt with and ENT June 11th who I was recommended to see so I will keep you updated people!
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