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Dr. Leong is AMAZING!

Injectable Fillers

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20 Oct 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Dr. Leong is AMAZING!

Dr. Leong is the coolest. He totally hooked me up with a now perfect under eye area. I had bad tear trough lines which he filled with Restylane 9 months ago and they still look amazing. He talked me through the whole thing and was great! It didn't hurt at all. He also recently filled my smile lines. I'm 35 and in the "filler" stage of life but when it comes to the "surgery" stage later on in life I will totally trust Dr. Leong with my face then too. He's an awesome doctor, really knows his stuff, is totally not condescending which a lot of doctors are, is fun to hang out with and to talk to. So happy I found him when I did! Don't be scared friends! Call Dr. Leone and look younger ASAP!