Breast Implant Removal on Oct 11th, No Lift at This Time.

I have scheduled my implant removal for Oct 11th....

I have scheduled my implant removal for Oct 11th. I have had my implants for approx. 25 years. I've had them both replaced once during that time and the left one replace 3 other times due to repeated capsules. I once again have a capsule on the left and it on again off again is uncomfortable. I don't like the shape it's become and am over the entire thing. I'm looking forward to this being over and am hoping I won't need a lift but plan to wait at lest 6 months to let my breasts recover before deciding on this. Any great recovery advise is appreciated as I will be recovering alone. Thanks to all of you for having the courage to make this same decision.

15 days to go, but who's counting?

I've been searching for the best compression type bra to wear for the 1st couple of weeks after my implant removal. Any suggestions? My doctor is sending me home with an ace wrap only and doesn't seem to feel compression is that important once he removes in in a few days.......... everything I've read from previous women that have gone before me and most of the doctors comments ALL suggest the importance of compression for the 1st several weeks. Feedback welcome, the clock is ticking :-)
Dr Killion

I am having the procedure done by Dr Killion in Los Gatos

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