Help!!.. Fat Transfer to Buttocks Vs Buttlift... _melbourne Australia..

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Hi world! :) Liv from melbourne, australia here....

Hi world! :) Liv from melbourne, australia here. Just needing help here please. I listed my procedure as mommy makeover, even though i am not a mommy, but because it has all the procedures i need after weightloss? .. Tumm Tuck, Arm Lift, Thigh lift, breast lift, and butt lift, with some neck grafting from some double chin that just wont go away after weight loss, all this is required because i have a considerable amount of excess skin on me after weight loss. I got down to 69kgs, which my first PS said was a bit too small and too much weight loss could go against me, if that makes sense? He was great, but pricey $32k+.. but, he was opting for the fat transfer to buttocks method that i like? .. however, it takes months and months (4-6) to wait for another consultation with him, and even longer for a procedure date. So i was fishing around for another PS on options, esp $$$ wise lol. I also followed the journey of a girl similar who lost alot of weight, and went to
the U.S to have her surgery done with Dr Remus Repta who also recommended fat tranfer?? Found another one in my area Dr Vlad who i see on the 26th of this month, and whats a bit nerve wracking is that he is actually against fat transfer method and opts for the buttlift one. I dont really want scars on my butt tho, that are so obvious?? im currently a pear stick shape not flattering at all, i want body, and to be flat in areas that wont allow me to due to the excess, i really wanna feel great on the inside as well as the outside.
I am joined to a forum in Aus, but sometimes my queries arent answered, so im putting it out there to the universe in the hopes to have these answered as i would love to have these services done this year. God Bless.
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