Just Begining to Live - Dominican Republic

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Hey ladies like so many that have written before...

Hey ladies like so many that have written before I too want to tell you thank you so much your reviews and previews have a really really inspired me to go ahead and do this most people would ridicule me ...because they would say girl just go to the gym or some people would think that I'm taking a chance going to another country ...but because of this website I feel confident that I have made the right choice with the doctor and also going to Dominican republic ????...so once again to all the ladies ???????????? out there my RS sisters thank you .. thank you ...thank you ...
now I'm about to write my post..,

Just beginning to live

I am leaving Ny - Kennndy airport on 1/31/16
Dr. Yily will change my life forever ... So many wonderful reviews about her . As of Saturday I will start my journey with you guys ... Anyone leaving this weekend to Dr. Yilly ?

Is Anyone Traveling out of Kennndy Airport June 13 2016 to Become A. Yilly Doll???????

Hey RS ladies .... Boy do I have a story to tell... This is my 5th attemp to make it to DR.... The 1st.. time as the day became closer, I didn't have all my funds.... to do 2weeks which was recommended by Dr.Yily The 2nd time while my home was being prepared for modification ...the bank pulled a fast one on me n made an attempt to Auction off ny home ... The 3rd time my cat got sick n then died.. ( I spent over $1,6000. In Vet Bills ). The 4th time .. The "Zeka Viruis" OUTBURST CAME 2 days before my departure date .... Soooooo now this is my 5th attemp to see Dr. Yilly n get this beautiful body bk . My departure date is 06/13/2016 out of Kennndy Airport .... Time 8:30,am Monday morning ...sx next dat Tuesday 06/14/16,...Sasha .. Dr.Yilly assistant is WONDERFULL !!!!!!!! She starts out with all her responds " hello luv / hello dear.. She makes ne feel so @ ease.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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