Arm Lift on Older Lady, Lateral Brow, Fat, Nose - Dominican Republic, DO

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Well today I made the decision as to which surgeon...

Well today I made the decision as to which surgeon to choose. It feels great to have the hardest portion behind me. I cannot list the price for the arm lift because I will be having other procedures. The consultation and quotation process went smoothly and I received a sufficient information. Now comes the second most difficult part which is the waiting, preparing, and fretting. (Recovery is the easiest part.) I decided on a March to avoid any chance of a snowstorm causing a problem with flights in the US.

nose tip revision-recommended by surgeon

It is interesting that I had not noticed the age related changes in my nose, until the surgeon mentioned a need for a little work on it. I had rhinoplasty over 30 years ago but like everything else our nose changes with age. When I compare the photos my nose has become much larger on the tip as well as more round and it seems to a dropped a bit. Even the alar looks wider. I would not have surgery only to refine my nose because it is not "that" bad but since I will be having surgery anyway... Strangely, the only part of my body that improved with time are my fingernails; when I was younger they were thin and fragile causing me to NEVER have all ten to the ends of my fingers simultaneously but now I actually have to file them weekly to prevent them from becoming excessively long. YEA!!!
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