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My main motivation for this procedure was to get...

My main motivation for this procedure was to get rid of stubborn fat on my back, inner thighs and abdomen.
I was 33 at the time, gym 4-5 times a week and healthy eater. I have never been overweight during my younger life and not now
I'm writing this post now because I was dissatisfied with how my surgery was handled and I believe as a result of the surgeons "busy" attitude I didn't get the results I was expecting and it irritated me that there have been so many positive reviews of the clinic...
This well known Sydney clinic in Double Bay was chosen because the surgeon seemed professional.
1. Initial consult 5mins with surgeon after 1/2 hr with his assistant
2. Agreed on upper and lower abs, back and inner thighs. I also wanted chin assistant confirmed with surgeon after he saw me that chin could be done at a lower cost
3. Second consult booked in surgery date and revised my surgery areas everything was correct but the chin, instead of the reduced price $1200 I was told it was $2200 because the girl who initially did my quote had left the clinic and didn't keep a record. I didn't end up having the chin done as I wasn't prepared to spend that much based on principle and the fact that the chin is a very small area yet I'd be paying the same price as a larger area, regardless it still cost me $14k and stupidly I went along with it even after the lame attempt the new assistant made trying to look as though she cared.
4. Day of surgery. 8am I was prepped by a wonderful nurse. 830am surgeon came in saw the multiple areas I was scheduled for and informed me then and there minutes before sedation "did I discuss with you that you'll have to come in again for the rest" in other words do abs and thighs now and my back later... WTF ah how about no "no I was never told I'll just go through it all", so he did. Result poor communication
5. It was done in the clinic and I was awake during the procedure I didn't feel much but when I did I would verbalise it.
After it all and with some help off the table I could feel pain and a lot if it. I was placed in a back room to rest a little before my husband picked me up. Nice nurse was attentive and caring she made me feel a little better. When I was picked up I was limping out of the clinic in a lot of pain even with painkillers, the humiliating part was walking through their full reception of waiting clients looking extremely unwell. Bad placement of resting room, nobody wants to be seen looking like they were dragged to hell and back.
6. Post surgery lymphatic massage x3 sessions as part of post surgery care which was good. Injections given to reduce lumps that had formed after surgery

Now I have a high pain threshold and I'll tell the truth, it is painful as hell! those who say it isn't have lied maybe it's because I had multiple areas done but even a month post surgery I still felt some pain, incision areas were sensitive and some slight pain. I'd estimate a full year before the funny skin pulled sensation and lumps disappeared.
Result. I had some fat on my back but as a result of the procedure they're more does that even happen other than that i am happy with my new shape and inner thighs.
I will be getting Vaser liposuction soon on my back but I will not be getting it done at this clinic based on the "don't care" attitude from the surgeon.

So to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery for the first time ensure you chose a surgeon who communicates with you and ask many questions at all your consults. I believe that because my surgeon didn't tell me at my initial consult that I would need to split my time he was unable to take a large amount of fat from my back (there's a limit that can be done in one go) I couldn't change my plans at the time of surgery just because he was too busy to tell me 4wks before the surgery. Perhaps this surgeon should have reviewed my file a week before my surgery or at the latest the night before! poor form.
Because of this I now have a negative view of this clinic as money driven and will never return for future surgery. I plan for Vaser and implants I'll be taking my $20k elsewhere.
Personally I don't care how busy you are but if you're paying premium for the job you expect premium service just like any other type of service $14k definitely deserves better treatment


Hi everyone
So I've had two consults so far one with Dr Lanza and the other with Dr Tavakoli.
Both doctors were informative at my consult but Dr Tavakoli was outstanding his staff were also very friendly which made the consult a little more bearable.
Long story short as a result of my initial surgery I have to have a tummy tuck and very aggressive back liposuction using two different machines as you can imagine I was shocked but unfortunately it has to be done.
I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm scheduled for the 19/1/15.
I will be documenting everything in full detail this time around.


I forgot address the question earlier regarding my chin, sorry.
When I went in for my second consult that took place a week before my surgery the assistant said that the chin wasn't written down in my quote, I told her the previous assistant said she spoke to the doctor who said that he'd do it for $1200 because I had little amount of fat, instead of $2200, she went to check with the sugeon and told me that he can do it but at $2200, I refused.
This time around I won't be having cosmetic to any untouched areas of my body, I've learnt my lesson.
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Rushed and poor communication

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